50 Killed As US-Bangla Aircraft Crashes In Kathmandu


US-Bangla Aircraft Crashes In Kathmandu:

At least fifty passengers died as an aircraft of US-Bangla Airlines from Dhaka to Kathmandu. The US-Bangla Airlines crashed in the capital of the Himalayan country at Tribhuvan International Airport on Monday. All injuries were as soon as to nearby clinics, administrators added.

The death toll stands unclear amid the disorder of the crash. And the hurry of badly injured passenger to nearby clinics. Gokul Bhandari is a Brig. Gen. of the Nepal army. He said fifty passengers had died and the luck of the others was unfamiliar, reports AP.
But a police official, talking on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to speak to the media, said at least thirty-eight passenger had died, ten were unaccounted for and twenty-three had been harmed.

Later, Md Kamrul Islam GM (General Manager), PR and Marketing Support of US-Bangla Airlines, verified about the crash.

According to airlines source:

– The plan was bringing 67 people.
– 32 are Bangladeshi.
– 33 are Nepali and one person from China and another from the Maldives.

The plan was carrying 4 crewmembers on board. But airlines source did not give their nationality.

Suresh Acharya is a Nepal’s Tourism Ministry Joint Secretary. He said seventy harmed people have been saved and sent to various hospitals for medication.

At 12:30 pm the airplane reportedly left Dhaka which was registered to landing at 2:15 pm.

A news blog reported quoting that the aircraft can reportedly bring 78 people and firefighters were at the view trying to douse a fire.

The airplane, a twin-propeller Bombardier Dash 8 running from Bangladesh, swerved frequently before it smashed, landing near the runway.

Injured Passengers:

Officials said a people plane from Bangladesh smashed and burst into fire as it landed Monday at the international airport in Nepal, killing at least a dozen passenger.
The twin-propeller airplane, a Bombardier Dash 8, can bring about seventy people, though it was not directly clear how many passengers were on the plane.

At least twelve bodies have been recovered, according to an AP reporter who appeared at the scene quickly after the accident and saw the US-Bangla Airlines plane broken into several large pieces, with many of firefighters and rescue operators clustered around the ruins.

Few harm people have taken away by ambulance said an airplane official.

The Kathmandu Post published that the airplane from US-Bangla, a Bangladeshi airline, went off the runway while arriving and crashed on the east side of Airport’s runway.

A terminal person told the document that many casualties were afraid.

The airplane was recognized in local media as S2-AGU, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, but still this has not been authorized authenticated.

Flight tracking website posted that the flight landed at Tribhuvan International airport. It is also known as Kathmandu International Airport, at 14:20 local time (08:35 GMT).

Smoke rising from Tribhuvan International airport runway photos and video posted on social media.

Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal:

Sanjiv Gautam is a Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (Caan). He said that the airplane was out of control when it tried to land on the runway.

The airplane was allowed to land from the Southern side of the runway flying over Koteshwor but it arrived from the Northern tip. He also told Kathmandu Post doubting the airplane might have sustained some technical glitches.

He also added that they are still to fix the cause of the abnormal landing.
Prem Nath Thakur is a Tribhuvan International Airport person. According to him, the 76-seater Bombardier Dash 8 airplane took fire after it cants off the runway while crashed and landing on a ground near Tribhuvan International Airport.

Meantime, the Airlines has demanded that there was no technical issue in the airplane and the pilot is also an experienced one.

It said the conversation between the air traffic control tower and the plane pilot at Tribhuvan International Airport indicates few mistakes.

GM of US-Bangla Airlines:

General Manager (GM), Marketing Support and PR of US-Bangla Airlines Md. Kamrul Islam said, However, this is a topic of justification and research. The probe committee will examine it.

Kamrul Islam also said there was no matter in their airplane and there is no lacking of action for the pilot other. The pilot said he has flown over five thousand hours with over 1700 hours with this airplane.

M Shahriar Alam is a State Minister for Foreign Affairs. He said officials from Bangladesh Mission are already at the airport and clinic.

Bangladesh Mission in Nepal opened a hotline – Md. Al Samuel Emam (Consular +9779810100401) and Asit Baran Sarker (+9779861467422).

Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Nepal Mashfee Binte Shams told that she is in a conference with Nepalese Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli when we contracted with him.

It is expected that the conference was meant to hurry rescue method and speedy surgery of those who are already rescued.


A reporter who visited at the scene quickly after the accident saw the US-Bangla Airlines twin-propeller plane burst into several large pieces, with dozens of firefighters and rescue workers clustered around the remains in a grassy field near the runway. Hundreds of people stand on a nearby mountain, staring down at what stay of the Bombardier Dash 8.

Amanda Summers is an American working in Nepal. He said the US-Bangla airplane moved frequently as it prepared to land at Tribhuvan International Airport. The full city sits in a dell in the Himalayan foothills.

US-Bangla is a private carrier Airlines. It published its wings beyond the Bangladeshi airspace with its maiden international flight to Kathmandu in May 2016.