Now YouTube Has Billion Logged-In Users


CEO Susan Wojcicki:

Youtube is a big stage of the present 1.8 billion registered users watches videos on YouTube each month, saying YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. We view this reflex by over 150 million hours of YouTube watch time each day on TV screens alone. Those who watch videos they are not counted without their account on YouTube. YouTube being a stage for pure stories, youthful voices, and thought-incentive dialogue. The company declares various content agreement. And this happened at New York City’s Radio City Song Hall. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki declared the milestone at YouTube’s Brandcast presentation ads, along some of the year’s more noticeable successes. We unveiled the new system for trends and new pathways for ads to join.

YouTube Testing Picture-In-Picture Feature For Web | Digital World Hub

Susan Wojcicki said YouTube has faced one problem later other as it has the battle to clamp down on unsuitable content posted anyone to its stage. YouTube has arrived below fire for promoting not real news, permitted exploitative kid’s stories. An adding questions intrigue theory on the stage and over inappropriate kids’ videos. YouTube that we grow responsibly for everyone and also me, said Susan Wojcicki in the popular blog site. As soon as possible sufficient to punish Logan Paul, because of YouTube children’s software and not responding. This is the influence of an open stage for all.

YouTube Testing Picture-In-Picture Feature For Web | Digital World Hub


YouTube main greenlit earlier year got more than 700 million views to date. Noticeably, YouTube has also declared the start of its Google Preferred ads method. Wojcicki said changes like a YouTube children’s option for human-curated videos and a commitment to rental 10,000 controllers perspective quickly. This stage brings the global together in pathways that were just impossible earlier. Earlier year, Susan announced that the streamer’s users don’t arrive at YouTube for glossiness. They arrive only for ground. Now it can be said that YouTube’s mainly focused on displaying the ads for giving a challenge and arrive with texture.