Do We Use Only Ten Percent Of The Brain?


The vast difference between the vast majority of animals in this biosphere is that the brain is the brain. The ability to respond to the structure of the brain, the process of functioning, the greater concentration of neurons and other organs of the body has given uniqueness to other animals. From the beginning of existence, people have used this brain to apply intellectualization and have invented all the inventions, have created history and have given a better life to the next generation. How many legends have been created by creating something new from the thought of food?

But the brain that has been using so much, many mysteries of that brain have been left to the scientists. Throughout the ages, we have received much brain-new information, some of which have replaced the old one, where others still survive on the basis of evidence. And so, many people have been born for so much suspicion and rumors and rumors of all myths. Again many of these myths have been proved wrong on the basis of concrete evidence, yet there is no evidence of any other.


How can the number of neurons in a normal human brain be able to say? The answer is about 86 billion And all of these neurons have about 10 thousand synaptic communications. And in total, the total number stands at 100 trillion, which can prevent the maximum calculation from 1,000 trillion. So many neurons and synapses continue to communicate with the brain through electrical and chemical signals every moment.

Well, when you solve some math problems or have difficult intellectual work, what part of your brain are you using? Maybe you can see through a motivational speaker, a popular movie, a book or a social network, ‘People only use 10 percent of their brains!

Well, then the remaining 90 percent of the rest is idle? Or do any invisible walls separate them from the effective part of your brain? If you had a hundred percent control you could have become your favorite superhero! Or a supernatural power like the telekinetic energy was born in you! Or the best scientists like Einstein and Newton have their brain to use a hundred!

The myths of this 10 percent of the human brain are also common among some of the more common myths in the brain. Surprisingly, this myth only about two-thirds of the people in the United States and almost half of the teachers in science department believe.

It obviously not know anyone who is born of this myth. But in the eighties of the nineteenth century, American psychologist William James after a son’s IQ test said that people do not use everything in his brain properly. And with the misinterpretation of this statement, the use of those 10 percent of the brain in the brain makes it more consistent. This unexplored peculiar theory is spreading through media, magazines, and people through country and territory. Not only this, this theory is also found in famous Hollywood movies such as Lucy, Limitless, Flight of the Navigator.

Actually, he meant that many of us can not properly stimulate the brain or take it as a challenge for our thinking. It can hear again that the name of the legendary scientist Einstein is also involved in this case.

But we all actually use a hundred percent of the brain every day. How? Before that let’s see why this false fact is wrong? Well, if ninety percent of the brain does not come to work. They may not a physical or mental problem even if they hurt or damaged. But what is really so?


The technology of the nineteenth century was not as modern today. So for a long time, scientists did not know what was the role of the frontal lobe and parallel lob in a large place in our brain! They did not have any effect on the brain’s nervous revival. Because of any kind of injuries they did not have any work. And for so many decades they know scientists as ‘silent zones’ or silent areas, so many thought that the idea of using ten percent is true, so it is true.

But now we know that these regions play a key role in our reasoning, planning, decision making and situational adaptation. And expressing us as a perfect man. Again, if any part of the brain damaged, we do not see its effects in normal life. But in reality, it creates abnormalities in a particular area.

Generally, only two percent of the body’s body weight compared to the whole body. But this brain uses about twenty percent of total glucose in the whole body as its fuel. For a child 50 percent of that amount and 60 percent for a newborn. Where rodents and dog species use about five percent of total glucose and ten percent of the monkey in the whole body. If the ninety-nine unnecessarily unused, then what is the 20 percent energy of the brain? So much energy is more than just ten percent of the brain.

The human brain’s weight is approximately 1.5 kilograms, where an elephant brain is 5 kilograms and whales of 9cg. But the presence of 86 billion neurons in this 1.5 kilograms brain increased the density of the brain many times. And that’s what makes us more intelligent.

But it told that the brain needs a lot of energy for this brain. 3.4 × 1021 molecules ATP per minute ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the energy of the body.