Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates


I think you need to know facebook new news feed algorithm updates. Facebook always updates its News Feed algorithm to keep users interest and attention. Usually, these updates are good for the overall user experience, but they can also cause significant headaches for marketers.

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Let’s complete quick course of Facebook News Feed algorithm before jump into news feed updates. Nowadays many people and brands now active on facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. A huge amount of content that is served to Facebook users on a day.

For Videos, Intent, and Repeat Viewership Matter:

The video is an enormous pattern with regards to showing on Facebook, in any case, you should post the video that users will want to watch. Facebook discharged a News Feed Algorithm update in December which will give prefer videos which users are proactively searching, and coming back to Facebook to watch that.

If people are searching to find your video on Facebook or directly going to your facebook page your video will get reach more people. If people are watching videos from the same facebook page frequently. That Facebook page get to reach more people. So you should make content that people will want to watch and watch more than once.