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Google testing a new feature for mobile that celebrity’s and other notable figures to answer users search query about them. They answer directly from of selfie video posting in the Google search engine. The company says this program is initially included for Priyanka Chopra, Allison Williams, Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Seth MacFarlane, Jonathan Yeo, Dominique Ansel, and many other celebrities.

The Celebrity Doesn’t Answer The User Question In Real Time.

Google Pre-record there videos what user can question asked about their favorite fans.

The video provides a question like “How many movies done by Priyanka?” “Can Priyanka speak in France?” or “How many languages can Priyanka speak?” this is just for example.

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When a user searches this type of question the video shows their search result in the top. After watching the first video the carousel automatically going to the next videos or you can choose to swipe through them yourself.

This is not allowed Google first time in the celebrity to search engine.

This March the Company announced that many organizations or many celebrities take advantage to post on Google feature. Experiment During the 2016 US election, Post on Google individual post-Twitter-like status updates on Google search result. This year Google release this feature for great organizations like museums, Sports leagues, and teams or many other originations. Google next update for the local business or organizations.

Whit this feature launch, Google trying to make there search engine itself a more social product, instead of only relying on the Twitter whit its short answer.

The new celebrity video Q&A feature seems to take that idea a step further turning previously run-of-the-mill search result into something that feels like it would be more at home on a mobile social app.

When the celebrity saw there pic on the search result then the must be the envy on the web pages. The company does not know how to build a successful social platform for them. Many years ago they build many platforms but all of failed like Google+, group chat but they failed.

This feature may also increase users for using Google, Which could impact the company bottom line.

The video results are appearing only for mobile search results, and the Android Google app. The iOS Google app is rolling out the videos over the course of the day, Google tells us.



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