Best Project Management Apps for Startups


If you have a startup or a small business, we are sure you might get interred knee deep with various tasks. Some may also have a small team whose members have multiple tasks at hand. Project manager apps are the most important tool that can be used streamline work and manage all the tasks much more efficiently. The good part is that there is no herd usage of these apps as they are very simple and effective to use. These apps help you keep a track of all the activities when you are not around. Now we list some project management apps.




Asana is great software for you if you are looking for a project management app. This app is available for smartphones or desktop. You can access it from anywhere at anytime. The app has 5 broad features; features are Board, Conversations, Calendar, Progress, and Files. If you use this lot of your time will be saved because you wouldn’t have to hold regular meetings to take feedback on progress. Asana will help you to do graphic chat and also statues update. Conversation features allow all the team member for discussing.


Zoho Projects


This is one of the most popular apps on this list. Zoho Projects offers you services that will help you list your activities, assign tasks to the project, keep a track of resources, and collaborate with your team members. All your team members will have access to all the project related documents. You can integrate all popular productivity apps like Gmail, Zapier, and MS calendar with it. This Software is available both on Android Play Store and Apple Store.



This is other popular project management software.  It is used to measure and keep track on the amount of work that has been a complete in a fixed amount of time. This software is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. The user can also stead the baseline feature which lets you compare your current project with the previous plans. You do not require an Internet connection for this software. You can also generate PDF reports, import Project calendar, and images.




This is a project manager for IT team. This is actually one of the best project management apps for startups and small businesses in IT. You can create unlimited projects and give tasks to users on the platform. It has an excellent task management system in place. You can also integrate here Google drive. You can install it on Windows, Mac, and Godaddy.




The list of project management apps would be incomplete without Wrike. You can track and manage work by streamlining the process using this app. Many top companies have used Wrike for project management to reach where they are today.