Mobile Phones Spread To The Most And Less Radiation

Scientists have tried to know, what quantum radiation is happening from a phone? They have also set a level of how much a person can accept the radiation in his body.

About Radiation

The mobile phone company or production is less than the number of radiation levels of each phone. The new and old phones have made a list of radiation spread levels in Germany’s Federal Office, Other Radiation Protection.

According to the list, the most radiation is on the list of phones circulated – One Plus and Huawei. Next is Nokia 630 phone.

iPhone 7 also includes 10 in the list. iPhone 8 has 12 in the list and iPhone 7 plus is at number 15. The Sony Xperia ZXWAN Compact is at number 11 ZTE Axon 7 mini is at number 13 and BlackBerry DTE 60 is at number 14. Although there are no specific standards for the radiation of the whole world, the criteria for this in Germany is zero-zero watt per kilo.

All the phones in the list have twice the amount of radiation. This level is 1 decimal 68 watts in one plus 5. SunEx Pereira M5 spread the lowest radiation Next is Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S6 Edge, Google Pixel XL, Samsung S 8 and S7 Edge.

You can read manuals to know the radiation levels of your mobile phone, go to the company’s website or access the Federal Communications Commission’s website.


How to survive radiation

The most radiation spreads to the antenna on the phone. Modern phones have an antenna installed on the back of the phone.

While most people use the phone, the antenna is on the opposite side of the head. But as far as the antenna is concerned, the risk continues to increase.

It is believed that the cells that contain the body around the mobile phone are more damaged, and the lower cells are less damaged.

How to reduce the risk? Scientists have given some advice about this.

  •  Reduce mobile phone usage.
  •  Use the phone with speaker mood or hands-free mood, As a result, the phone is far from the head.
  • Near the mobile phone tower. Because the longer the phone remains, the more power to get a better signal.
  • Choosing a mobile phone that radiates low radiation power.