Best Websites to Download Music for Free


Music is a therapy for the soul. When you are in bad mood music always help you to change your mood and its feel your joy. Internet becomes out helping hand to keep latest music tracks and online streaming sites it takes us a new level. But when we stuck in bad network area then what should we do? Or if plan to throw on a party and the Wi-Fi connection no connect? We prefer some mp3 music download website where you can download your favorite track.


Free Music Archive


The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality legal audio downloads directed, the longest-running freeform radio station in the United States. From jazz to electronic to soulful country track. You’ll find it all under this roof! Launched back in 2009 FMA is a New Jersey-based WFMU Radio where you can access all contemporary music genres. Even if you browse for months, their mind-boggling music library will not fail to surprise you.


Jamendo is a music website and an open community of artists and music lovers. If you need music for your commercial purpose then Jamendo is is what you looking for. You can find the bunch of related musical compositions as it allows sharing their music’s free.


FreeMake YouTube Converter


Yes, it is YouTube music converter. You can download your chosen video music by giving line here and it converts the music as an mp3. It does not require any signup or any additional fee. It’s so simple to download the music:

Look for any piece of music which you like on YouTube, Copy the video link URL. Now paste this link in the FreeMake search bar and hit enter. Now select the “Down arrow” to download the track.




SoundCloud is one of the best music downloading websites available online. It has a massive library containing millions of musical compositions from remixes, EDM tracks, Karaoke or even teasers of upcoming songs. But to be frank when it comes to downloading songs then not every single track available online is downloadable. To find the ones which are, you’ll find a small download option below the track. As soon as you tap on that the song will be automatically downloaded on your PC.




Last FM has a simple interface to make is super and easier. You can search your favorite songs and download them super easily. You can download songs by clicking the blue button. When you click once s on this blue button the songs start automatically download. It’s giver your chance to listen to music before downloading.