The Meg Is A Wild Clash Of Tones


Jason Statham Fights A Shark In The Craziest Trailer Of The Year

Jason Statham is back with an action-packed movie again. This time he will be seen fighting with a shark. The trailer is all about. Jason Statham battling a massive shark in one of the unlikeliest premises of the year. The movie Directed by National Treasure helmer Jon Turteltaub. Jason is playing a naval captain.

He will be known as Jonas Taylor. Who had a family? Lost his wife and his career after an exploration of the Mariana Trench went wrong. Now he is getting back to fight the Megalodon Shark that cost him everything. As the movie goes on the shark believed to be going extinct.

As the deep sea is all about covering the movie.

It is a part of an international undersea observation program. Which attacked by a massive creature? The shark believed to be lies into the bottom of the sea.The crew got trapped in the deep sea. As the story unfolds. expert deep-sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor (the State) has called in to save the crew.

If it compared with a typical Jason Statham movie. who handles business in stylized hand-to-hand combat. who always play an contract killer role. Jon Turteltaub is the director of the movie or action film veteran Jason Statham, who handles business in stylized hand-to-hand combat. brandishing the occasional firearm. this effort represents a major departure. as he tackles a colossal, carnivorous killer in depths of darkness. a helmer who reaped a successful action/suspense track record.

Behind the camera for the two National Treasure films. so the kids of 90s will love this movie. Hope so Jason Statham will get another image like transporter movie. and get the child based fan club. although the teaser created a hype on youtube.