Facebook Updates In 2017 That You Should Know


Social Media Updates on Facebook:

If you are a marketer or technology lover, you need to keep yourself updated with all the latest social media updates. So, in this article, we will show you all the latest updates on Facebook that can help you to increase social media strategy for upcoming months.


1.Cover Videos:

In this year Facebook released facebook cover videos features. This features only available for Facebook pages not for facebook group or profile. This is a shiny update in this year. It is an amazing way to reach people.

2. Record GIFs within the App:

In 2017 Facebook allows mobile users to record live GIFs. Though these GIFs feature is awesome. Facebook Users can add effects and frames to it. Many Facebook users like this features. This feature is a simple feature on Facebook.


3. Closed Captions for Facebook Live:

Facebook has added closed captions features on live broadcasts in this year. This feature is also a shiny update on facebook. Facebook day by day updates their system to gain more user. This is one of those social media updates which help people to communicate easily.


4.Updated Ads Manager:

Facebook updated their ads manager features. This is best for Facebook marketers. In this year this is the shiniest updates for marketers. Before updating this features users face some problems. Now users to review confirm changes in their adverts.


However, Now that you know all the facebook updates in  2017. Facebook is the most important part of marketing. No one can imagine top rankings without Facebook.

Facebook Upcoming Features

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