Facebook’s Testing New Voice Feature For Status Updates


Facebook’s testing new voice feature:

Facebook is an American base on online social media. The company also was known as social networking service company based in California. The company CEO update day by day make Facebook more attractive for users. Finally, Facebook is experimenting a new feature named “Add Voice Clip” that look in its status update composer menu that permits you to record a quick audio part to use as a status.


Add Voice Clip is 1st spot by some specific user. Facebook is experimenting audio clips as a status update choice with a few amount of users in the world. More friendly than writing but comfortable to record that clip. The company believes voice could get users participating more in its developing social media. And globally, where people may have to deal with non-native literature keyboards, voice lets them talk their mind without a writing difficulty.

A Facebook spokesperson said that we are regularly struggling to help users share and connect with their family members and friends on social media in ways that are actually to them. Audio Clips give the user a new medium. But, this is not yet recognized. If audio clips feature would roll out in the earth.

The company is receiving many serious about this features. This is already running on two smart house audio system. There are Fiona and Aloha which are release nearly July. This two device designed by Facebook’s Building 8 hardware lab. The Aloha model is reportedly more culture than Fiona.
“The Aloha model will use audio directions but will also feature facial identification to recognize people for accessing social media.