Glowing Molecule Can Reveal Live TB Bacteria


A New Way To Make Bacteria Glow Could Simplify TB Screening

There is a new way. A new molecular that reveals active tuberculosis bacteria. In which it is coughed-up mucus. Also, the saliva can simplify the TB. Which speeds the tests for the detection of strains. That disease which is resistant to the medicine. The molecule is the modified version.

Of the sugar that the bacteria build the wall of their cells. Maybe The sugar is the tag with a dye that lights up below a fluorescent microscope. But it happens if the dye is not got surrounded by H2o.

The hybrid molecule stays black. till it gets fat.  The layer is water repellant. In the TB bacterias cell wall.  Then it starts to glow. The tests use the dye that stains different bacterias. So the technicians have to bleach the dye. They have to bleach everything except the dyes.

A researcher Sumona Datta who is also a tuberculosis researcher.

Working at Imperial College London. She is not involved in the work. But the washing of chemical is time consumable. Which is prone to error. because DMN- Tre glows only when it globs up by TB. or those who it could relate to.

Maybe the molecules can offer a simpler but reliable diagnosis. Stated by Sumona Datta. like TB detection process. DMN Tre can distinguish the cell. Which are more metabolically active. from those which are inactive. since the molecules are dependable on bacteria. As the molecules are completely reliable on bacteria. which should be incorporate it into the membrane.

but only the most healthy cells are labeled. but those cells that are compromised by drug treatment do not label as well. these properties allow the researchers to monitor how well treatments are working in people.  there is more work remaining. before it is ready to use in the field. Bertozzi is optimistic that may be the method can improve and will be useful.