Facebook Releases Child-Friendly Messenger Kids


Child-Friendly Texting App Messenger:

Facebook is progressing ahead with its messaging app for children despite criticism from child experts. The company Releases Messenger Kids Wednesday on Android. The Messenger Kids app added on Amazon devices in January. Child experts who have pushed the company to shut it down. This app allowed only under 13 years old kids can chat with friends and family. No ads display in the app but most say this app harmful to kids. They say kids shouldn’t be on such apps.

It is disturbing that Facebook, in the face of extensive concern, is aggressively marketing Messenger Kids to even more children, the survey for a non-commercial Childhood said in an announcement. Messenger Kids launched on iOS to the lukewarm reception in December. It arrived with the device on Amazon from January. Facebook’s donations to groups like the National PTA typically covered logistics costs or events such as parent roundtables.

Facebook said “The company sometimes provide funding to cover some costs, to make sure our job together can have the largest impact,” many of the company and people who advised on Messenger Kids.

One of Facebook’s specialists defended the concept that company adviser were in Facebook’s pocket. Lewis Bernstein is a Facebook consultant who worked for Sesame Works hop in various capacities over three decades, said the Wired column unfairly accused him for accepting travel costs to Facebook workshops.

But the Wired content did not count Lewis as one of the seven out of 13 advisers who received funding for Messenger Kids app, and the publication did not add travel funding when it counted financial bonds. At the time when Bernstein was not a Facebook specialist, he was advising it on Messenger Kids.