Sleep Paralysis: Causes, Symptoms


Why Sleep Paralysis Is So Scary and What You Can Do About It

Sleep paralysis is a sleeping disorder. which occurs during deep sleep. it happens due to an overlap between wakefulness and sleep. you get conscious in this state. But you cant move. you may hallucinate at this stage.

it usually lasts for a few seconds to minutes and is frightening. it is very common in students . also in students and psychiatric patients and is often a symptom of narcolepsy. A consistent sleep schedule can prevent it.

The causes of sleep paralysis are mundane.

Elements of consciousness may be preserved—such as an awareness of your environment. while aspects of sleep may begin such as dreaming.

Sleep paralysis often occurs when a person is falling asleep or gets awake. if it occurs when going to sleep. Then the person will be alert. This condition is known as hypnagogic sleep paralysis. If it occurs when the person is waking up.

Then This condition is known as post-digital or hypnopompic paralysis. It can happen from a few seconds to some minutes. where the person could well experience panic symptoms.

For most people, there is no treatment for sleep paralysis. After one episode of sleep paralysis. maybe you don’t need doctors appointment. If you have rare episodes of sleep paralysis but haven’t been seen by a sleep specialist.

you have to make sure that make sure your sleep hygiene is hard. such example is sleep paralysis can be a sign that you’re sleep deprived. also, you have to avoid alcohol, nicotine, and drugs all night, starting three hours before bedtime. According to the(NHS) sleep, paralysis is not dangerous.

though those experiencing extreme sleep paralysis may be prescribed a short course of antidepressant medication.  such as clomipramine.

during the attack, it is very necessary to keep calm and quiet. You cant do much when you are on the attack. This is only temporary. These attacks can be a horrible experience.especially if you’ve never had one before.