What Else To Do After Such A Mistake?


The two teams had a break with 1-1 scoreline in the match. Going into the second half of the second half, Bayern scored just 22 seconds behind and the goalkeeper Sven Ulreich!

Anyone In The Game Is Wrong

Anyone in the game is wrong. But there is something wrong to wonder, scratching the eyes again. Last night, at the Champions League semi-finals, Uller made a mistake, but seeing eyesight repeatedly, it is difficult to believe. The Spanish media say that this is probably the worst mistake in the history of the Champions League.

This Dilemma Has Become His Falt

After the start of the second half, the midfielder Corentin Touliso gave Bayern goalkeeper Ulrich back-to-back from the left side of the box. Then you will definitely want to forget what happened. Real paceman Karim Benzema was running behind the ball because of the slow pace of passes. Goalkeeper Ulrich came forward from the opposite side. Golavsbandi could easily make the ball in the glove. But do not take the shots, in the fraction of a second, this dilemma becomes his period.

Bayern Supporters Battered

Due to the hesitation, it was late. As Benzema approached the ball, Ulreich tried to take the shot while sitting on his knees. But the legs could not touch! The ball went down with his left hand! After that, Benzema just managed to score the goal of the ball. Ulrich is now in the grounds of Bayern supporters. In the social media, many supporters of Bayern Afsos, Ulrich did not make that incredible mistake, due to the 3-3 goal of the match in extra time. From there, maybe in a tiebreaker, where anything could happen.

Goalkeeper’s Heart Hardness

However, the 29-year-old goalkeeper can understand the pain of the mind, Germany and Bayern’s legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kan. Kane himself once made such mistakes in his career. The anguish of Ulrich from that experience, ‘It sure is that he thought two thoughts at the same time he wanted to hold the ball with his hand and wanted to take a shot. This happens also happened to me, Roberto Carlos’ free-kick against Real Madrid. It was so bad that I did not want to see the next day. Ulrich also seems like this!