Fizzy Drinks & Ready Meals Linked To Cancer


Processed Food Sugary Cereals And Sliced Bread May Contribute To Cancer Risk Study Claims

From the beginning, there is always a question mark on processed foods. processed foods can cause cancer. recently a study shows that It found that a 10% increase in eating ultra-processed food. such as ready meals linked with a 12% higher risk of getting the disease. The heavy consumption of fast foods. cereals, drinks may drive an increasing burden of cancer in the next decades.

Stated by researchers.  Dr. Mathilde Touvier is the lead researchers of Sorbonne Paris Cite Epidemiology. And Statistics Research Centre. He stated To our knowledge. This study is the first to investigate and highlight. An increase in the risk of cancer associated with ultra-processed food intake. As they further researchers they did not find. any connection between less processed food. Such as canned vegetables and made unpackaged bread. in some of the developed countries.


All kind of people is relying on heavy fast foods. Their diet is not healthy.

50 percent of the average person’s diet loaded with processed foods. It can contribute to increased cancer levels. as the researchers in Brazil and France found. The researcher’s team of  Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Sao Paulo. found that a 10% increase in ultra-processed food. Intake associated with a 12 percent increased risk of cancer. They also indicated that 11 percent increases the risk of breast cancer.

Although some items like homemade bread, cheese and biscuits are safer. researchers also took the research level high as they took in too consideration of age. gender, levels of education, whether the participant smoked and family history of cancer. But there was no connection between less processed foods. – such as canned vegetables, cheese, and fresh bread – and cancer. although they lower the risk of cancer. but there are some foods like fruits, vegetables, pulses, rice, pasta and fresh meat. associated with a lower risk of cancer.