The Scientists Who Won The Nobel Prize


Despite The Neglect, The Scientists Who Won The Nobel Prize

If you can not taste its sweet fruits after hard work, bad sticks are usual. If a scientist is doing the hard work, then stay away from the recognition of hard work, if you do not get the acceptance, then it is reasonable to disappoint. As a scientist, if the result of long-term research ignored in any journal or conference, then there is no greater injury than that.

But there are some scientists who have not upset even by being a victim of neglect. ‘Failure is the key to success’ This whole message turns out to be true to the truth. He stood in such a way that later he also earned Nobel Prizes for his work. It does not appear to be a much better example to learn from the failure of failure. Today’s discussion with some examples of this.

Weak Nuclear Action and Enrico Pharmacy

Many people have heard Higgs Boson or God particles. The existence of the laboratory has not found very long. It only lasted for 7 years. Peter Higgs’s research paper, which turned out to be the particle’s antitrust paper. Refused to accept the physical letters of the particle, saying that “it is unlikely to be released very lightly.”

Later, in 2012, the researchers of the Sears were able to identify it in the laboratory and in 2013, he got the Physics Nobel Prize. In that year, the original article ‘Spontaneous symmetric division without massless Boson’ was released in 1966 and finally published in the Physical Review-Journal.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Richard Arnst

Many may not know about nuclear magnetic resonations or NMR. It is noted that it is a very effective method for chemists to monitor molecular structure and movements inside the substance. In the year 1966, for the suggestion of this method, in the words of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry,

Before the article published in the article “Review of Scientific Instruments,” the Journal of Chemical Physics declares us to cancel it twice. ”

Quazykristal discovery and Dan Shektman

What are crystals or crystals? The shape of the same shape that is formed by repeating the same formation of numerous other similar types of crystals is called Crystal. Quojricrostal is the substance that looks like the crystal but does not behave in a manner similar to the crystal. The stereotype contained in it is not as well-ordered but periodic as crystal, which means that the original structure is not repeated.

With its invented structures, in 1984. Its research article entitled “The Microstructure of Rapidly Solidified Al6Mn” returned to the Physical. Review Letters by saying that this study is more suitable for metallurgical research. After 1 year it published in the journal Springer’s Metallurgic Transactions. Later, Sartman awarded the Nobel Prize in 2011.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Kary Mullis

Polymerase chain reaction or PCR is a technique for expansion of any part of DNA into the laboratory. The career journalist Carey Malis, whose career rejected in 1993 by the journalist science journalist for no reason. In the same year, for his discovery, he simultaneously won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and later gave a powerful reply to the science journal.

“While my first article on PCR  rejected from science, as was the editor of Dan Chesland. It  also appointed as the secretary of the time when it  announced annually for the year.”

These examples prove that ignorance or refusal does not stop. But if you correct the wrong errors. Then correct it again by jumping into heroism, and there should be no mentality lose. Never disappoint, just go ahead. We have to fix a goal and work hard for it.