Top 10 Travel Apps For Android



With the TripAdvisor mobile app, you can search and book a hotel and flight. You can also research restaurants by rating, worth range, and food type. No matter where you are, reveal fun things you can do. Read reviews formed by travelers from all around the world, and add your own photos and reviews.

Google Maps

When exploring new places, navigation is essential. With Google Maps you will easily find the place you want. It takes measures GPS navigation (voice-guided) for walking, biking, and driving. The app will find the best route. There are many other necessary features, such as street view, live traffic conditions, and more.

This is a useful app for many travelers worldwide. There are over 750,000 hotels and apartments, so you will certainly find something that suits your needs and your budget. You can find by hotel name, landmark, city, and you can sort by the things that are important to you such as guest review scores, deals, prices and more. There are many useful features included.


Whenever you want to book flights, just launch Skyscanner. It is the tool that will help you find the best deals, and it will save you time and money. You can filter outcome by cabin class, airline, landing times, take-off, and prices. It is available in over 30 languages.

Hotel Tonight

If you haven’t booked a hotel room on time and want a place to stay, Hotel Tonight is the app that will save the day. It provides the greatest last-minute deals, and you can find the room that will be perfect for you thanks to three different categories: basic, hip and luxe. You will get all the necessary info about the hotel, and when you find the right room, you can book it in seconds.

Hipmunk Hotels & Flights

Do traveling is fun, planning isn’t as much, but with this app, it can be. With Hipmunk, you can find accurately what you are looking for because the app will compare top travel sites. You can book a hotel room or flights in minutes. You can find worthy deals, last-minute offers, and more.


If you are at the airport and need to find the place that is not as busy and noisy, where you can relax, take a shower, or simply enjoy your beloved cocktail LoungeBuddy will find the perfect lounge for you. You can acquire instant lounge access, filter by amenities, read reviews from other members, view the photos and more. There are over 600 world’s busiest airports and more than 2000 lounges, so you will certainly find the one ideal for you.


With TripIt, you can freely organize all your travel plans. What you need to do is forth travel confirmation emails (airline, hotel, restaurant, etc.) and itinerary with all the details will be automatically created. You can entree itineraries with ease even if you are offline, and edit the plans manually whenever you want. If you are a solid traveler, you can upgrade to TripIt Pro that includes features such as right-time flight alerts, flight finder, seat tracker, repay notifications and more.


When driving in a city you have never visited before any help is more than welcome. You can linked drivers in the area to get real-time traffic information. That way, you can pick the quickest route, find the most affordable gas station on your route and save money on gas, and save time while on a vacation or business trip. The app has more other great features such as voice-guided navigation, automatic rerouting and more.


You won’t have to waste your time standing on the street and trying to catch a cab. Whenever you would like a ride, you’ll have confidence Uber. The app is very simple to use. Just request the ride – set the location on the map and you’ll be picked up in minutes. Most importantly, you don’t need cash, because you can add your credit card to your personal Uber account, or you can pay with PayPal, and Google Wallet.