What To Do If The Phone Soaked In Water?


Nowadays, even though some flagship phones are as water resistant to a certain level, mobile phones are traditionally kept away from the water. A lot of “the pumpkin” national relations on water and mobile phones. Of course, it’s all about electronics. Even under submarine water, it is also made as a water purifier. So, instead of chanting paddy, let’s not sing psalms come back in the original words.

What should you do if your mobile phone is not waterproof and if it gets wet or fallen into the water?

Turn Off The Phone

James heard that song “I have not fallen in love, love has fallen on me”? It may also happen. Let the mobile phone fall into the water or the waterfall on the phone – whatever it may be, turn off the phone immediately. And if there is no charge in the charger. Get rid of the charger immediately. Do not forget to call the phone in a wet place.


If your phone is an old model then there might be an option to take the battery back. In that case, remove the battery.

The fastest loss of the phone for water is that the water shortcut the motherboard circuits on the phone. Meaning “short circuits” are archives. If you are a student of science, you must know the short circuit. If you are a student from other departments, if you have any idea about the short circuit, then your credit. This happens if the electricity flows on your phone when wet in the water. (There may be many other reasons). To avoid short circuits on the wet phone, it is best to switch off the phone and remove the battery.

Wash The Phone

Do not get confused by the title. Do this only when your phone falls into the sea or in the soup bowl. Because the marine saltwater contains many salts which can damage your phone’s motherboard. So quickly wash the phone in clear water. However, of course. Otherwise, it may be opposite to the case. Do not forget to take water in the bowl and sink it.

The Phone Is Not Shuffling, It’s All About

Many people want to get water out of the water by moving or shaking from the water fearing. Do not forget to do this. The water will not be exposed in the vicious circle, but water can get deeper inside.

Silica Gel Can Be Used

Many times we throw out the silica gel that is available in the tablets. If you do not leave them, keep them in the house, you can use them during such a time of danger. Silica Gel is a very nice drawing agent and it absorbs quickly moisture. When waiting for the phone to open and dry the towel or tissue paper you can keep it on top.

Do Not Forget About Hairdryers Or Ovens

Many use hair dryer to dry the phone. But if you do this in the hands of the hair dryer hair loss can damage your phone. And do not forget to try to dry the phone in a microwave oven as a fool, and do not make the phone fit to the dustbin!

Wait For Drying

Keep waiting for your phone to dry. It is not possible to keep the sun straight in the light. If you have hardware geek type and have equipment in the home, you can open the parts of the phone and let it dry.

Run Towards The Service Center

If you can not do so, you can switch off the phone, open the battery (if possible), go straight to the service center or a mobile repair shop. Do not waste a little time. If your fate is not bad, then your phone will continue to run again.