Some Of The Popular Things That Go On Destruction Today


From today 15-20, we used a lot of essential things in our way of life, many of which have already been extinct and many are on the way to extinction. Yes, there are some things that are the subject of today’s discussion on the extinction of technology and the Internet today due to extinction. Now we have not seen one of those things because of the fierce state of technology and the growing power of the Internet.

Public Phone

But if you do not know the first public phone was established in 1878. In 1878, the public phones were installed in the presence of a helper at the hotel lobby, railway station, no public market. After finishing the first customer call, the money was given to the helpers. But it was not possible to call a phone like this once and it was annoying. This idea was first introduced in 1889 by the establishment of a Coin-operated public phone.

First posting and then a free pay public phone was launch in 1898, which name No 5 Coin collector The first street public phone establish in 1905. Launched in 1950, the 3-slot dial public phone, which got the convenience of calling phone caller 10 paisa coins, nickel-metal coins, and coins. Slowly it became popular and millions of public phones spread around the world. But so popular public phones today are almost extinct almost

Cassettes & CD

The cassette was the only one to hear our songs quite a few days ago. Look here is no cassette today. CDs, DVDs have taken place in the cassette. Many of these popular CDs and DVDs cannot hold their position. Due to the latest invention of technology, they are still on the verge of extinction. After the discovery of CDs and DVDs lost at the very popular cassette space of one time. And now we listen to music online for the promotion of technology and the Internet, we see the movie. Listen to music on mobile, why buy a cd? And the latest connection to the technology is the FM radio. Worldwide now FM Radio triumph One music station is now in the pocket of the people. For these reasons, CDs, cassettes are on the way to extinction.

Take A Map And Get Out On The Trip

If the human remains a little longer at the end of the ruckus and fracture in life, many people want to wander around at their favorite places. If we plan to move to an unknown place, then the first thing we need to do is to go safely to the destination on the go. The only guide, in this case, is the root map, which can be seen in the destination. Time has changed so much. The map has been cancel by this handwriting at our Google Map. It is possible to travel around the world using an internet connection, which is useful to the internet. There is no need to take paper maps to hand.

Fax Machine

telecopying, telefax, fax, how we say we are less familiar with this machine. The Scottish mechanic Alexandar Bain invented the fax machine in 1843. After fully developing, we were able to get the printed paper and printed text from one place to another, with the help of this machine.

This machine used the telecommunication system through its work. Even if not completely, the device is also lost now. Without the city-based need only, it is no longer use anymore. Its the only e-mail address E-mail has occupied the fax because of less cost than fax, hassle-free and fast data interchange. Once this fax machine will become history


Teletext or broadcasting Teletext is a televised information service It was first created by John Adams in the UK in the early 1970s. It was the first telematic work to send texts and texts on the well-equipped television screen. The first news, the TV program schedule, and the weather news were broadcast. The first teleportation was done by BBC in 1973, however, The machine disappears when digital television is fully discovering. And never seen the device

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

It can call a Palmtop computer or personal data assistant. It is a mobile device. There is an Internet connection on the smartphone-like device with an electronic visual display. Internet connection is available through WiFi. Mostly the display touch screen is in most cases. This is the first release in 1984. It was first used in 1992 by the CEO of Apple Computer. However, nowadays the use of modern smartphone accessories has reduced its usage. And if this happens, one day it will have to leave the world.


Rolodex made the word “rolling” and “index” in both English words. This is a machine to store any information on the paper or card that insert in this machine, Arnold Neustadter and Hildaur Neilsen discover it in 1956 and first market it in 1958. At that time there was no virtual social network, no address book, no Smartphones, not online storage. But still people had a business and personal information, the need to enter the address, the public phone number should be kept in mind, and much more such information should be remembered. And this information was written by people on paper and in Rhodes.

This device is extinct today and due to the Internet. Today we have a mobile phone, smartphone, notebooks, tabs, cardholders, and online storage information.