A Giant Asteroid Bennu, May Be Headed For Earth In 2135


Giant Asteroid Bennu:

There are a number of techniques to affect the way of an asteroid especially one that’s possible to cause huge destruction to the globe. Enter Bennu, an asteroid as long as the Empire State Building, but even more huge because it’s round. If it fell on our earth, the effects would be completely catastrophic no matter the point of impression. As of right now, the possibility that it will do only that are 1 in 2,600; these numbers take refined as time goes on and the potential thing gets closer.

The year 2135 is what NASA is looking at for it to meet world if it’s really going to. There is a discussion of releasing a missile to “nudge” it out of its present way. Experts based at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have been investigating, with NASA. The probability of on a spacecraft they would call HAMMER. HAMMER stands on Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response vehicle.

But that seems similar it would have no effect on something this shape. Another possible path to affect the trajectory of an asteroid is to send up satellites to travel beside the object. Applying the gravitational pull to change its way. Again, that won’t work with this behemoth.

One of the only paths to deal with a rock the size of Bennu, then, is an atomic warhead; that’s not preferred by experts because there’s a big scope it would rain radioactive stones and chunks right back into our atmosphere.

With sufficient time in Bennu’s fact, over hundred years possibly a good solution will be developed, but the point remains: we’re vulnerable to like this objects ramming into us, and we don’t have a number of great choices to stop it.