138 Year Old Medical Explanation Of Rape


Rape is a very big crime in our society.Every day we face some unexportable news about it.  138 years ago, Russian scientist Pavlov gave the explanation. Every doctor has to read the second year of his medical life. Today we will try to explain this crime from a neurologist.

Trying to say simply

Scientist Pavlov examined a long-term variety of tests by keeping a group of dogs in a lobby. He used to give them food at certain times every day. The food bowl and mirror in front of the dog. There were observations of Pavlov’s dog behavior. Dogs were given food at exactly the same time each day. Pavlov lived with his lab assistant. The amount of sapling of the dog during the meal was measured in a container. Brain’s normal reflex is the saliva when eating.


But Pavlov saw that it was started to fall, even after it was not eating food. Pavlov arranges measures for measuring the amount of saliva and dog container. After several days, Pavlov saw that the dog’s saliva was coming out in the lab. Stay with me and do not stay.

Pavlov sent his Lab Assistant to the lab without leaving the lab himself. But the dog saliva was falling.

Pavlov did something different now.

As soon as he gave the dog food, he played a knife at the same time.Feeding and bell playing.

Then Pavlov and his assistant came in the lab without a meal and started playing bell. It was seen that despite the non-food, dogs were getting the same amount of saliva.


Pavlov came to the conclusion – food packets, lab assistant, bell sound – all these neutral stimulation. There is no relation between salting them. But the dog has relieved the meal packet, Pavlov, lab assistant or hourly coat with food in his learning Behavior. And all the things that happen with the food, the brain is detecting its brain as part of salting. He described this learning process in Brain as “conditioning” and “conditioned reflex”.

That is, the brain is responding to a stimulus that should not be responded to in the brain, but because the brain has attached this stimulus to another stimulus.

A 6-year-old girl or a 60-year-old woman or a 60-year-old woman does not naturally become sexually abusive. But due to the conditioning method of learning, it acts as a deadly stimulant in a rapist’s brain.

How is this conditioned?

Dr. Alias, Director of the National Institute of Health, United States, said that the person’s personal learning is by teaching, company, and environment, by three main factors.

Let us see what is the precautionary arrangement of girls from education and environment? (Based on India and Bangladesh)

What is Youth generation teaching in the book “Know yourself” in class eight?

– Expression of sexual feelings in favor of mutual consent is not conducive.

What did the youth teach in the novel “Thousand Years”(A Bangla Noble) in Youth generation?

– The technique of Sahih extraction with others by scandalizing Husband.

When he was fourteen years old, when a boy read a novel for thousands of years and read the love story of Tuni and Montu (The main character in this Noble ) , he unconsciously made the boy tune himself and his daughter, and this thought is not just natural from the neurological perspective, but rather it is unusual.

In the class, eleven Young generation taught what “Boatman of the Padmain the novel? (A Bangla Noble)

– The technique of Sahih extravaganza with sister in law in spite of wife.

After burning the relation of Kub and Kupila(The main character in this Noble), what do you look at your sister in law? In the story, drama, novel, poetry of Bengali literature, what is the poet as illustrated by the writers? What type of imagery does this story/literature make in your brain?

In the class eleven Shankuntala (A Bangla short Story) article, what is the teaching of the Young generation?

Absolute appearance of the new moon in the direction of Shakuntala; Brave yoke beautifully decorate with a variety of soft beauty; And new youth, developed and spread like a lotus, all the way has spread”. What kind of picture does the description of the bark of Shakuntala of the tree represent in your mind?

– Description of the naked body of Shakuntala.

What kind of pictures do these lines of Shakuntala show in the picture of your imagination?

The woman in our Society 

What is presenting women in literature?

– Enjoy luxury goods.

How are you presenting women in drama, telefilms, films?

– Consumer goods, idol worship.

How are you presenting women in the media?

– Consumer goods, idol worship.

What are you teaching in AIDS?

If you want to live, you need to know (I do not need it, I know that there is no knowledge of AIDS in First World, so much so many AIDS among them!).

Online Media

What is a liar, deceitful, ambitious, little educated, charlatan, brutalized quality girl, who is the best girl in the country? Who is trying to get rid of the online media clutches and the country’s top copper prince is running through all the corporate houses running the Generation Next? (Miss Bangladesh competition bites in the first place).

The pre-conception

Our literature, drama, art, advertising, culture, what kind of image does a girl think about a girl? The boys’ cognition is developing in this special mold, which is a credit to the memory of Brain. In fact, women in Brain’s pre-conception or memory collections are the only one entity that can satisfy the hunger of the body and the mind.

Then when it says that women should respect, mother or sister will have to look at them, they do not accept many brains. Because the concept of women from the environment has already conceived – consumer goods!

This pre-conception is not available to anyone from 6 years, 60 years old or underworld, irrespective of rape.

Disease Dimension

In the medical term, every disease has three Dimension– Agent (the cause of the disease), Host (in which the cause of the disease attacks the germs) and Environment (the environment in which the disease occurs).

For example, typhoid disease

Agent- is salmonella bacteria.

Host – Typhoid patients who have eaten bacterial water/food

And the environment is – contaminated water/food.

Again, for road accidents

Agent – inefficient / addictive driver.

Host – fitness poor cars and more.

Environments – zigzag roads, color parking, unclear road signs.

This is the interaction disease of agents, hosts, and environments.

Rape is a moral disease

Agent – Men who do not get distorted morality.

Host – women no longer.

Environment – A sexually transmitted environment that has been mentioned earlier.

For the control of typhoid in the medical system of mine

-To eat antibiotics (to kill Salmonella bacteria, or to control the agent)

-Contaminated food/water cannot be eaten (host control) and

-Water pollution and food pollution must stop (Environment Control).

In the same way, stop road accidents

-Providing exemplary disabilities to drivers, proper training (agent control) among them

-Auto-fit vehicle route permit (host control).

-Closer roads, color parking, unclear road sign must close (Environment control).

Similarly to stop rape

-Examples of advanced asthma (like Saudi Arabia), awakening moral education among men – agent control

-Hostile movements of women (host control)

-And the drama, songs, storytelling, advertising should  stop as a product for women (Environment Control)

In the last

I have antibiotics, I will willingly eat all of the purely contaminated, but do not have typhoid – it is not.

Similarly, without raising morality, women do not run civilly, without controlling the environment, rape will not stop with the exemplary punishment of men only. Because of the rules of law very limited.

The child is killing the mother, the mother is killing the child, the husband is killing the wife, the wife is killing the husband – what the law will do here. By keeping guard, the law cannot stop if the values are not awake. The United States gives us this lesson in getting the first place (reference notion) of rape.

This is just a medical experimentation.