Rare And Mysterious Vomiting Illness Linked


The Weed-Induced Disease

Weed cant is consumed by everyone . after few days the symptoms can be seen.  they can be exposed to Ben Harper singalong. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.  CHS appears to occur in people who use marijuana frequently for years. Aside from quitting marijuana, there are no known treatments.

The researchers surveyed thousands of patients in an attempt to find only those who used marijuana frequently.  at least 20 days per month .ended up with 155 people who met their criteria. All of those individuals smoked nearly every day or multiple times a day, often for five years or more.

Another reason to keep in mind treatments are also limited. During an acute attack, people may be hospitalized to stay hydrated or receive medications to temporarily stop pain and vomiting. One thing that people suffering CHS realized helps, oddly enough, is showering. in one study it is shown that people who take bath 4 to 5 times a day feel relief. The only thing that appears to stop the symptoms of CHS is permanently avoiding marijuana. Hot baths and showers offer only a temporary fix.

Most people experience vomit, pain. But as is the case with any study, the latest paper has some limitations. Chief among them is the fact that people are still hesitant to be open and honest about marijuana use, so the figures could be off.

A timely diagnosis of cannabinoid hyperemesis is essential. only to effect proper treatment but also to prevent iatrogenic morbidity. mortality from unnecessary diagnostic procedures. surgical interventions.

There are several obstacles to effective diagnosis. The difficulty in diagnosing the syndrome is due in part to its paradoxical use. meaning that while marijuana is often used for stemming nausea.  vomiting caused by many ailments. with the hyperemesis patients. it causes the precise symptoms it is supposed to end.