Higgs Boson Particle


Higgs Boson Particle

What is this visible world around us mainly? If there is an externally noticeable difference, then if there is a small particle in the universe, can it be possible to find any material that can be explained in the structure of all objects?

Since ancient times, this question has come to our mind. As science and technology progressed, the study of the answer to this question reached the small world. To understand the structure of the entire universe and how this cosmic works, scientists have created a theory called the Standard Model. This model explains the nature and activities of the particle particles in the sub-atomic world.

This theory was also has done with three of the four fundamental forces in the universe. If the entire standard model assumed to be a puzzle board, a large patch of pieces has been missing for a long time. To understand the problem of disappearance, we will first have to take a look at the standard model.

The Importance of Higgs Boson Particles

Until the latest research, the particles created mainly by the particles of the universe have divided into two categories: Pharmion and Bosan. Phoenix came from the name of Italian physicist Enrico Fermi and named after Professor Satyen Bose of Dhaka University. In all these particles, Fermi is particulate, and bosons exchange energy between fossils.

Fires can be divided into two parts. One share is the quark, the other part is lepton. These divided into three generations. Neutron and proton are made up and down by quark. So it seems that almost all of our familiar worlds created with the first generation quark and lepton. That’s the first generation of phariyan. But this will be true if we take their antibodies against the pharmacists (the opposite of the substance).

After the Big Bang, when the temperature of the very hot universe decreased considerably, the Higgs field created a special condition called a cosmological pseudo-transition in physics.

Before that, the universe was in a different state, which is quite different from our known world. There was no mass, no particles. The number of materials and antimatter were the same. There was an equation in all the particles. When the amount of energy started to decrease slowly, this equation started breaking.

This process is called ‘Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking’. Thus, the universe created in the universe for the first time. There were not many galaxies, stars, planets and our soul-worlds in the universe. If this ‘Cemetery Breaking’ would not have been. In 1964, this process was explained by several famous papers, including Broken Symmetries and the Masses of Gauge Bosons, Robert Brat, Broken Symmetry and the Mass of Gauge Vector Mesons, Richard Hagen and Tom Kimbal (Global Conservation Laws. Massless Particles).

The Working Method and Higgs Boson Particle Discovery

The basic principles of LHC’s practice are very simple. The two ears throw in two separate ways, one clockwise and the other on the opposite side. Two particles increase in the velocity of light and taken near the velocity of light. Then there came a conflict between them. Though it sounds easy to listen, it is necessary to pass some complex steps to implement the principle in practice.

First, hydrogen gas used in a chamber. Then the electrons removed from hydrogen atoms, only the proton remains. Protons enter a device called LINAC2, from where they throw in an exceler named PS Booster. It is obvious that the name of the particle speed is increased. This accelerator increases the speed of protons to one-third of the speed of light using the device called ‘radio frequency cavity’.

At the same time, they rotated in circular ways using giant magnets. Comparison of protons in comparison to the vehicle will be easy to understand, where radio frequencies cavities are car accelerators and magnets steering the wheel. There are about 9,600 magnets in LHC, which kept at -271.25 Celsius temperature (cooler than Space!).

That’s exactly what happened in June 2012. When the two groups separate analysis of the results came out the same fate as Rolf knew Higgs boson is found.

Even then the results re-examined for a few days. Finally, news of the finding of Higgs boson particles announced at a conference held in Melbourne on July 4th. After this announcement, scientists from around the world burst out in joy.