Cargo Ships Must Cut Emissions Half By 2050


Carbon Emissions From Global Shipping To Be Halved By 2050 Says IMO

Now a new deal signed to set the limit of greenhouse gas emissions. This will set the barrier to international shipping. This will happen for the first time. International Maritime Organization. Or IMO, met for a week in London to hash out the details of the plan. More than 170 states agreed to the new roadmap. Which aims to reduce shipping emissions at least 50 percent below 2008 levels.

Right now the conditions are like the ships are contributing. 2 or 3 percent of emissions in greenhouse gas. These gases include the most hazardous, Carbon-dioxide and methane. And a 2014 IMO report calculated. That international shipping emissions were on track to increase 50 to 250 percent by 2050.

But this emission doesn’t include in the Paris agreement.

Also, the news is the international law is to limit the global warming below two degrees. Representatives from different countries and cities have spent sometimes at International Maritime Organisation. Approximately 170 countries have participated in this meeting to clean up the agreement. But some countries like Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and the US. The states came to a final agreement on Friday.

They all indicated to signaling to an industry that a switch away from fossil fuels is fast approaching. So the main motive is for shipping. Gas emission to reduced to zero by the middle of the century. As the new ships will be running fuel in 2030. Pollution from ships is a major concern. But one that has overlooked in recent years. As the international council on Clean Transportation found that if treated as a country. The international shipping would be the sixth largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. Day by day the environment is getting polluted. The only and main reason can note the emission of Carbon-dioxide.