WhatsApp’s 10 New Features


WhatsApp is updating the latest features for users. Whatsapp has brought in some major updates this year. Of these, there are several important features, including Android payments, data retrieval. Learn about some important changes to WhatsApp:

Android Payments:

Now comes the benefit of paying via WhatsApp. After a few days of discussion and experimentation, the Android and IS platforms have opened the payments feature, Facebook-owned WhatsApp Space.

Group Description:

There is a special update to make WhatsApp Group alive now. Through this feature, many people can be contacted at one place. Realizing the importance of the group The group feature brings WhatsApp Space. As a result, the user can write about 500 characters describing this group. Now you can get the benefit of adding all group descriptions. If someone will add a description, other members get a notification with his name to others in the group.

Delete for Everyone:

WhatsApp has launched a special feature to allow users to delete it after sending a message. To use this feature, you must press the delete button to delete the message. Earlier, there was an opportunity to remove it until the maximum seven minutes of sending the message. The new update has been extended to 68 minutes by this time.

Group video call:

WhatsApp calls now easier on WhatsApp. To improve this experience, WhatsApp has brought the benefits of group video calls. You can easily switch group video calls by adding more than one person to any video call.

Voice-to-video calling:

Now WhatsApp’s users can add to the video call during the voice call. Get a hidden switch through the new feature, which can use to switch from voice to video call. However, the video will not launch. Both of them have to allowed to do so.

WhatsApp for business:

WhatsApp has recently bought an app called WhatsApp for Business. Using this, a businessman or organization can contact their customer and stay on the WhatsApp platform. It has the advantage of having a variety of business profiles of Quick Business, including Quick Replace, Greeting Message, Away Message.

Apple Carplay in WhatsApp:

A popular news dealer platform has been associated with Apple Carplay technology by applying Apple technology to Apple. As a result, iPhone and iPad users will get push notifications and contact their contacts on their mobile devices.

Changes in WhatsApp design:

Users can change WhatsApp somewhat on their smartphone if they want. Its Adaptive Icon feature is part of the Android OS operating system and WhatsApp supports it. It can change the new icon.

Location sharing:

Live location sharing feature has added to WhatsApp. This allows users to share their location information with others in real time. To share a live location, go to the Location tab. It can also use for group or person contact. The user profile on the map will see the person in the user’s contact list.

YouTube with WhatsApp:

Now you can watch YouTube videos in WhatsApp chat window if you want to watch. YouTube has associated with WhatsApp. Now just click on the YouTube link in the chat window. In this window, the video will start. The video undo size also has the advantage of small-scale.