The Wrong Ideas That Might Cause Your Death


If any part of the body is burnt, apply a paste and after taking toxicity, take out the venom and take it out of the wound. If you lose the jungle, you can see flora and fauna, there are many things to live in, which we believe as constant truth. Not only in Bangladesh, but there are also many sophistication in every corner of the world, which people believe and believe that knowing this is possible to survive from any situation. However, most of these ideas are such that they will not save you but more likely to be killed! You must know yourself much such information. Then you can combine them.

Snake poison

This idea is most likely to be made in the minds of Bengali filmmakers. When the heroine is done in a snake, the hero immediately wakes up all the venom with a wound, and the heroine is recovering. Although it is possible in the film, in reality, it is impossible. Not only that, you can also become poison blue to save lives! Because the snake poison is driven by the blood circulation of someone with snakes.

What you can do is to tighten the wound as fast as possible and take it to the hospital. Instead of spreading the face, it will spread the excess bacteria in that place. If some poison comes in the mouth and if you reach the stomach with Lala, then you may be suffering from snake bite! Note that a small amount of snake poison is digested in the stomach. However, there may be any side effects in the nasal infection.

Demonstrate the death of a bear in the attack

Who has not read the bear and the two friends? And for the sake of that story, we all are pretty sure that the danger will be lost if nothing happens to the unexpected bear attack. It is going to inform you that you have come to know the mistake! If a bear attacks, then the first thing to escape is to escape if there is a small escape route. Otherwise, your bear depends on the type of bear and its attack.

If you lie like dead in front of a black bear, it will dance like a Shiva on your body and leave it! On the other hand, the brown or shadowy bear does not directly attack. Rather, if they feel the safety of themselves or their children, you will want to scare away. In that case, you have to go back and walk carefully. But, if the fate is worse, then the bear can sit and attack. The shoulder should be covered with a hand lying on the stomach, and the shoulder should be covered.

Cactus and friends in the desert

The biggest fear of losing the road in the desert is the biggest water intake. People die in thirsty before starvation in the huge desert. In this case, many cactus feared companions in danger. Transitional water is stored in a deserted cactus. If you drink this water long enough to live, then the danger will increase further.

Because researchers have said that the water of the vast majority of cactus is somewhat toxic, which causes people to become sick, become vomiting. As a result, throwing valuable fluids into vomiting between severe water and food crisis is like bringing death to a little more!

Swim parrot parallel to the pool

When swimming in the sea while swimming in the sea considered the best way to swim parallel to the beach. However, recent research has come up with different data. Although swimming in parallel is effective in many cases, even if the angle of the trough is less than 90 ° with the coils, you will not be able to reach the edge at some point, but the torrent will take you to the middle ridge.

In this case, the researchers should guess the angle of the first without thinking about the wall; then it will have to swim vertically with that angle.

Push the shark nose

If there is a shark attack on the sea bath and there is a conception that it is the primary duty to puncture its nose. The idea is not entirely wrong, because the shark has run on a nose on the nose. But the problem is that you can hurl the speed of the sharks in the right way, in the water? Even if you can give it under the water? In addition, the head of the body of the shark is the nose, which changes the location every moment. As a result, there is a possibility of failing to hit the nose.

Rather, it should primarily hide from its bites with anything in hand. Then tear apart the eyes and the flowers. The possibility of working eye therapy is more than nose therapy.

The source of water 

If you are lost in the jungle or desert, never go where birds are flying. Yes, if many people have heard it, then forget it today. Because birdwatchers have said that almost no birds do not fly in the sky due to the source of water.

There is a type of goose that flies towards a river or a hair in the evening time to take a bath. But their practice is not regular. It is not possible to determine where the birds fly in the sky to go.

Snow can eat as an alternative to water

Suppose there is a severe water crisis in the place you live in. If there is snowfall in your area, will you meet the water crisis with snow? Of course, you can meet, but the snow must be melting water. Otherwise, there is a danger of playing snow.

The yellow snow does not only prohibited to eat. There is a lot of hot air in the middle of the white snow. The minimum ratio of this air is 9: 1! In other words, there is only one molecule against the nine air molecules. To satisfy the thirst for water, it is necessary to eat more snow than necessary, which will make hypothermia.