Found DNA From 10,000-Year-Old Skeleton in Britain


In an English hole Found DNA from a  ten-thousand-year-old skeleton suggests the oldest-known Briton had dark skin and blue eyes.

Some Scientists of some famous University and College of London analyzed that the was found by in Cheddar Gorge in 1903, southwest in England. DNA expert Ian Barnes drilled into the skull to extract DNA from bone powder. He says report indicates he had blue eyes with dark hair and black skin. So, the pale eyes were entered in Europe before pale skin.

The humans living in northern regions may have developed the pale skin. Because it absorbs more sunlight.

The Cheddar Man shares a genetic profile with several other individual areas. Found in Spain, Hungary, and Luxembourg. They were known as Western Hunter-Gatherers. Migrated to Europe from the Middle East about 12,000 years ago.

This is the oldest complete skeleton. Peoples lived in Britain off and on for thousands of years before his time, but they had been wiped out during the periodic ice ages.

That Cheddar Man had a poor community of hunter-gatherers. The  Experts, who have been studying his skeleton for decades say that he appears to have a healthy diet. But died in his 20s. Possibly cause of violence. Discovery of the Cheddar Man’s dark skin shows that we have really very modern upgraded constructions or very recent constructions. That really is not applicable to the past at all. After discovering some of the latest genetic research we indicating that skin color doesn’t tell us about a person’s racial or geographic background.