Changes In Forest Composition Amplify Effects


Shifts In Tree Functional Composition Amplify The Response Of Forest Biomass To Climate

Seems like the forest is changing day by day. Which is surprising. Recently  University of Florida researchers showed. that shifts in rainfall and temperature that are causing shifts. In the enough of many tree species. After this effect, our government has taken it. Seems like those forests to soak up carbon is being altered. Which could, in turn, bring about climate change.

In USA climate change has not shown a big change comparing to other countries and areas. like Alaska and the southwestern U.S. Jeremy Lichstein said. we interested to see if there were signals in forest inventory data. that might state climate-induced. Changes in eastern U.S. forests. He is the senior author and a UF assistant professor of biology.

Jeremy Lichstein also added The changes we documented masked by other disturbances. Which is why no one had before captured them. Without a long-term dataset with millions of trees in forests. We could not have detected these changes. forests played the lead role in ecosystems.

Carbon is hosting much of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity

Which can act as et sink for atmospheric changes? The studies documented before has shown responses of forest ecosystems to climate change and climate variability. As a result drought-induced increases. There are huge relationships between forest biomass. Because the tree has the ability. To the composition and climate variability have not been quantified across a large region.

According to USA data and research. Forest biomass responds to decade-scale changes in water deficit.after trees are cut down biomass can show a negative response. Which is amplified by concurrent changes in community-mean drought tolerance. Hence this amplification of the direct effects of water stress on biomass occurs because water stress tends. Which is tend to shift in tree species composition towards species that are more tolerant. That is showing the result of a shift. but are slowly growing.