13000 Years Old Human Footprint Found


Human Footprints Found Off Canadas Pacific Coast May Be 13000 Years Old According To A New Study

The researchers that were going on before has newly emerged. As the ice age which ended around 11,700 years ago.  The mankind moved into the Americas from Asia across what was then a land bridge to North America, eventually reached in the west coach of Colombia. As for the south regional concern, Canada is in it.

A test was going that makes it difficult to look for the archaeological evidence which might support this hypothesis.So the scientist’s researchers uncovered 29 human footprints of at least three different sizes in these sediments, which radiocarbon dating estimated to be around 13,000 years old. After examining the footprints and Measurements it says that the footprints probably belonged to two adults and a child.

It was found in the most recent ice age. This research adds that the growing body of evidence supporting the hypothesis. That human used a coastal route to move from Asia to North America at the time during the last ice age. Duncan McLaren the lead author says This article details the discovery of footprints. On the west coast of Canada with associated radiocarbon dates of 13,000 years before present. This finding provides evidence of the seafaring people who inhabited this area during the tail end of the last major ice age.

The found footsteps can rarely found in archaeological sites. Duncan McLaren, lead study author and assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Victoria and the Hakai Institute is the author of this all information. So after the research can advance the steps like similar. To uncover more human footprints in the area and would help to piece together the patterns. So this could lead us to a new path. As for how old the human race could be.