Chinese New Technology To Protect From Mosquitoes


Most people know how terrible the persecution of mosquitoes can be. Chinese people have become extinct in mosquito persecution. So Beijing has declared war virtually against mosquitoes. China is trying to destroy mosquito breeding, using technology that used to identify missiles.

Chinese scientists claim they are developing a radar so sensitive it can detect mosquitoes flying more than a mile away. The device uses the latest military technology to measure the wing-flapping speed of individual insects, according to one of the researchers involved in the government project. It thought the equipment used to track migrating mosquitos and warn people at risk from diseases like malaria and zika.

Military grade radar

In a report of the South China Morning Post, Beijing has made ‘Military grade radar’ radar to find out its mosquitoes. The ‘Cutting Edge’ Radar is building in the Defense Institute of Beijing Institute of Technology.

It is known that this radar will tell if there is a mosquito near the area around 2 km. Now the prototype of the machine is created. However, not to kill mosquitoes, this device is preparing to find the mosquito in the initial stage. An official involved with this project said on condition of anonymity that if success, mankind will bless in favor of this device.

Regarding the machine’s work, he said that this type of electromagnetic wave will emerge from this device, which is about 2 km around. The narrator will tell the details of the mosquitoes that are sitting in the control room. What species of mosquitoes, its sex, how flying or moving, all can know in the lab? Then find out how to kill it.

The headlines associated with the project told South China Morning Post, mosquitoes are a curse for modern civilization. Many viruses spread by mosquitoes. To spread the epidemic of the mosquito pair. At least 10 million people die each year due to mosquito bites. So Beijing has taken the initiative to destroy the mosquito family in order to save the modern civilization and the next generation.