Astronomers Discover A Dead Star


Dead Star Circled by Light

There are some new images from the telescope. That reveals some landscapes of stars and glowing clouds of gas in one of our closest neighboring galaxies. These colors are from Small Magellanic Cloud. Astronomers have allowed the pictures from elusive stellar corpse buried.

Filaments of gas left behind by a 2000-year-old supernova explosion. This established the connection between isolated neutron star. This picture was created from the telescope. this magnetic cloud is 200 light years from earth. Astronomers noticed it that the ring was centered on an X-ray source that had been noted years before and designated p1. The nature of this source had remained a mystery.

But it was not clear. That is the ring of gas. Which includes both neon and oxygen.  Observed with the muse that the science team noticed it perfectly circled p1. which is a low magnetic field. Frédéric Vogt said If you look for a point source. It doesn’t get much better than when the Universe. Quite literally draws a circle around it to show you where to look. the time when this huge stars exploded.

This star leaves the web of hot gas and dust.

Which is known to be the supernova remnant? This format is key to the redistribution of the heavier elements. Where they form new stars and galaxy. It is ten kilometers far weighing more than our Sun. Which is isolated neutron stars with low magnetic fields are thought to be abundant across the Universe. But they cant be found.

The reason is the confirmation of p1 as an isolated neutron star was enabled by optical observations is thus particularly exciting. Co-author Liz Bartlett said  “This is the first object of its kind to be confirmed beyond the Milky Way, made possible using MUSE as a guidance tool. We think that this could open up new channels of discovery and study for these elusive stellar remains.” This research was presented in a paper entitled “Identification of the central compact.  The object in the young supernova remnant.