Alien Was Seen On The Way To The Moon!



Although there are many days of interest for the aliens, scientists have not yet been able to produce any specific evidence about their presence. However, in the next year of the fiftieth anniversary of the first phase of human life on the moon land.

But still has not solved a mystery. And that was the second man after Neil Armstrong, the Edwin Buzz Aldrin, who had walked on the moon in the second person, had said that while Apollo 11, he and his three companions saw a mysterious flying object while going to the moon, which is the belief of the alien or the villains’ spacecraft.


According to a report published in the international media ‘Mirror’, ‘The Institute of Bio-Acoustic Biology’ in Oahu, the US state, examined Allendeen and his friends ‘voice pattern’, they are not lying. They believe what they say! Surely this phenomenon will make the claim of the believer more powerful in the ‘UFO theory’.

UFO On The Way To The Moon

In 2005, Aldrin told a document entitled ‘First On the Moon: The Untold Story’ that he and his colleagues saw a UFO on the way to the moon. Later, Aldrin claimed that his speech was edited and used in the documentary. His suggestion was that this was done to make his speech “unimportant”. Last year, Aldrin had said that he believed in the existence of vinors.

At last, the statement of the others, including Aldrin, has tested. And what they claimed said ‘true’. Aldrin did, however, argued that he could not explain his claim. But what he says is not false, he really saw the flying objects in space. Over the past several decades, many people have claimed that they have seen unknown spheres on the sky, which are actually the spaceships of vignette animals. The debate continues today. The demand for a legendary personality such as Aldrin makes the belief stronger that the intelligent buffers are constantly monitoring the earth.