Asteroids Delivered Water To The Early Earth


Cannon Experiment Shows How Asteroids Delivered Water to Earth

There is always a controversy of the asteroid relation to the earth. They could have brought water to earth is the question. planetary geologist R. Terik Daly said “We can’t bring an asteroid to Earth and crash it into the Earth, bad things would happen, So we went into the lab and tried to re-create the event as best we the information is available we all know the solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

Earth grew up a relationship with the sun.

Where it was too hot for water to condense out of the gas phase. Peter Schultz is a scientist at Johns Hopkins University. He made marble-sized pellets of antigorite. The thing is generally found in Japan that is similar to the kinds of rocks that may have brought water to Earth billions of years ago. To have a dry surface the team baked pumice at 850° Celsius for 90 minutes.

Then the team shot the pellets at the pumice at about 5 kilometers per second using the NASA Ames Vertical Gun Range in California. So the group of meteorites that come from ancient, water-rich asteroids. In the previous years of evolution. These asteroids frequently hit the planet at very high speeds.

The experiment, described in a paper published online today (April 25) in the journal Science Advances. Revealed that during such collisions.Daly said in a statement that
These experiments reveal a mechanism by which asteroids could deliver water to moons. planets and other asteroids,” Daly said in a statement. But previously the theory has Astronomers originally thought that Earth’s water came mostly from comets.

because water contained in carbonaceous asteroids. Peter Schultz, a professor said Impact models tell us that impactors should completely devolatilize at many of the impact speeds common in the solar system.