Intelligent Warfare


Artificial intelligence is both good and bad, but South Korea’s renown research institute Kais has been anxious to create intelligent warfare. International community The majority of the concerned experts boycotted boycott The United Nations has called for a meeting on the issue.

Artificial Intelligence

If the correct use of artificial intelligence is ensuring then the human life will much easier. Someone says that many people will lose their jobs in the development. Many of the scholars like Elon Mask see artificial intelligence as a threat to the existence of mankind. Among these thoughts and discussions is the news of ‘bomb blast’ – South Korea is moving far ahead in the creation of automatic troops. Naturally, the news was stirred by WorldBebec Because artificial intelligence will use to create a war machine, it will very much like to open the Pandora box. Once open, it can not close. So, the initiative will take to stop the intelligent work.

Why So Much Anxiety?

If you see Hollywood movie ‘Stealth’, it will be easy to understand the background. In the story of Stilththt, three people controlled an airplane with an airplane flying in the sky, an automatic fighter. Initially, following the instructions of the captain, the auto plane became desperate. Destruction in order to run a target according to their own destiny. In this situation, tensions began to interconnect diplomacy. Russia and the United States created war!

The current crisis is like a ‘stealth’ movie. South Korea’s largest science research institute has been accused of being accused – they are working on the killer robot (the robots who can kill people).

Using Robots

There are ongoing experiments on the use of these robots in the war of land and airspace. Killer robots can attack or destroy any target without human control. There will be no moral and human issues. These robots will not be considered as the amount of damage to the neighborhood. The world can face serious damage. Stephen Hawking also warned about the loss of artificial intelligence during his lifetime.

A Boycott Oof Kyost And UN Meeting

A letter signed by hundreds of artificial intelligence experts, including the Elon Mask, has been sent to the United Nations. The letter said, “All the nations of the world will refrain from creating deadly weapons that can work without human control. This is a topic that can not stop once it starts.

Robot Army

When the contest begins, the series of war will change. In this technology, there are all signs of terrorism. “At the same time, the majority of artificial intelligence researchers boycotted the Kest. The UN meeting was hell in Geneva on the issue. In this, 123 countries will discuss the harmful aspects of automatic weapons.

However, Christchurch’s president Sin Chong said in a statement that they did not have any such research. Christ is also aware of the moral aspect of artificial intelligence. Cust will not do any research that creates a threat to mankind.

Sinai denied hair, but BBC News reported that South Korea already has a robot army. Auto robot teams guard their borders with North Korea. However, the robot army with this automatic machine gun has not yet fully discharge. The camera directs the operators from the remote through the link robotic.