Really False Detection Through Mobile Phones?


The era has never been interested in people’s “Lie Detectors” or “False Identification Machine”. And many methods of lie detection discover. Although no one can completely verify falsehood. How is it, if your handset phone works as a Lie Detector.

Machine Learning Algorithm

A group of scientists from Copenhagen University is working with a machine learning algorithm that can verify the true-false based on the style of your smartphone usage. This algorithm will verify your true false from how you tap or swipe your smartphone screen.

Develop Applications Too

According to these researchers, the movement of his hand is a bit slow when people behave in a false or crooked manner – that means they feel somewhat hesitant. Besides, hand movements are more than needed (once in a while, on the other hand). And this is base on their algorithm. They also developed a mobile application that is not yet open to everyone. Through this algorithm called VertiPass, when you give a true information input on the smartphone, it will show a green tick mark and give the false information as red.

Can Not Use

Although one of the researchers compared it to polygraphs, it is still experimental and not very strong, because it can not use as a sensitive place in court. In the past, many companies have created many instruments for the line detection in the digital system. And in many cases, they have been able to give the exact results of almost 80 percent.

How Veritas Works

For this study, scientists run a few tests on a number of people. They say to the participants that they are true or false about their favorite color on the phone screen. The results showed that those who said false were late to reply. In the last test, they are given a discount game and they have true entries that they tap into the middle of the screen with a lot of pressure. And their hand movements were much more during false entries.

Online Verification

Vertie’s inventors are quite optimistic about this method. They claim it is possible to use it online through various media. For example, when you advertise various online verification or used products, it can be verified by anyone who is telling the truth about the condition of the product. But if people trick and deceive even if inputs with confidence, then it is also a matter of thinking whether it can work properly.