Huawei Developing Its Own OS


Huawei OS:

As you probably know by now, Huawei passing a tough time. If the company loses its final chance appeal with the American government. Chinese phone manufacturer company faces a season without U.S. exports until March 2025. That means it could have a quick future without the Snapdragon chips, Google’s Android OS. And any other components sourced from American firms.

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Developing A Backup-OS:

Now, with word that the United States Justice Department is investigating the company for violating permissions against Iran, the buzz out of China is that Huawei has been developing a backup OS only for conditions like this. Really, the company has a few causes for concern. Besides maybe losing to U.S. exports access for dealing with Iran, there regularly is the possibility that the U.S.-China deal war will increase to include more outputs. With iOS and Android accounting for 99.9 percent of the OS used on devices, there isn’t much of a solution for the company without to develop its own operating system.

A news published today quotes 4 sources who each demand that the company has been developing on its own operating system. One of the 4 went on to say that this has been a work in development since 2012. When the American government first charged the company and ZTE of spying. The plan was probably put in place by the company founder Ren Zhengfei. Ren Zhengfei said in a talk at that time, “We are developing our own OS out of strategic consideration because won’t we be doomed if they suddenly cut off our food, don’t allow us to use Android or Windows 8”.

No Plans To Launch Own OS:

The company already has its own operating system for personal PCs and tablets. And it also built the Kirin line of chipsets that power its devices. President of Huawei sub-brand Honor, Zhao Ming said this week at an event in Beijing that while the company does have the capability of building its own operating system, it won’t be necessary. Ming noted, “We work very closely with Google and will continue to use its Android system”. However, this feeling was echoed in a statement published by the company. That says Huawei has no plans to launch its own operating system and will continue to use Android.