Eight Things You Might Not Know About Black Boxes


When the aircraft faces an accident, the most important thing to get the most accurate idea about the cause of the accident is its black box. You may have heard the word BlackBox before, but have you ever wondered what it really is and how it works? If you have that curiosity, today’s post to meet it as soon as possible.

They were invented by an Australian

Dr. David Warren’s own father killed in a Bass Strait plane crash in 1934 when David was just nine years old. In the early 1950s, Dr. Warren had an idea for a unit that could record flight data and cockpit conversations, to help analysts piece together the events that led to an accident. He wrote a memo for the Aeronautical Research Centre in Melbourne called “A Device for Assisting Investigation into Aircraft Accidents”, and in 1956 produced a prototype flight recorder called the “ARL Flight Memory Unit”. His invention does not get much attention until five years later, and the units eventually manufactured in the UK and US. However, Australia was the first country to make the technology compulsory.

What is the Black box and how it works

Biman’s Black Box is a device that has a number of parts, with flight data recording and cockpit voice recording preserved. Name of the flight data recorder briefly is the FDR, and the cockpit voice recorder’s name is CVR. In the Flight Data Recorder section, technical information of the aircraft store. These include the speed of the plane, the speed of the wind, how high the plane flies, the fuel flow, the movement of the wheels, etc. The up to 700 such parameters can store in the big box of the big airplane. In the cockpit voice recorder, on the other hand, all audio/speech records of the aircraft carrier’s room recorded. It allows listeners and talk of pilots and other crew, which can understand from the last moment’s problems. The black box is located on the back of the aircraft.

This is not black either, nor even a box

But the black box of the aircraft is actually black orange black box. Because the orange color is relatively visible, this system is very visible. On the other hand, the black box does not actually look like a box or box. The most visible of the black box structure is a cylinder, which is connected to a platform. The box-sized framework has a battery inside the cylinder. And the memory unit is on the cylinder. Airplane and aviation experts call it ‘black box’ rather than ‘electronic flight data recorder’.

Recording time

The Black Box Flight Data Recorder usually saves the last 17 to 25 hours of flight data (technical/mechanical data of the aircraft). Cockpit voice recorder puts the last 2 hours record of the pilot and everyone in his room. If you do not have a solid-state memory drive, this recording time maybe 30 minutes in magnetic storage.

It’s incredibly strong

The Blackbox is very strong. Its structure is made of lithium or stainless steel. If a black box is thrown at a speed of 750 kilometers/hour on a concrete wall, it also survives. It can remain at least 5 minutes intact with a weight of 2.25 tons. Blackbox will survive without any type of damage to an hour at a maximum of 1100 degrees Celsius. A black box can be intact, even under the water pressure of 6,000 meters depth. Another important feature is its water-sensor. When the special sensor of the Blackbox comes in contact with water (in the sea/river), it sends a signal every second, from which the rescue team can pick up the device after understanding its position. However, as long as the Blackbox battery works, it can send this signal. Generally, a black box that can send a maximum signal up to 30 days. And this signal may come from the bottom of the water up to 4 kilometers.

Recover information

After finding a black box of a crashed plane, the information was rescued. Special software and equipment are needed to analyze data from storage. All in all, it may take weeks. It may take even a few months.

Future black box

To improve the black box and its usability, it has been done to keep video recordings in the future as well as audio. In addition to recording as well as instantly sent it to a center in the country, the idea came. As a result, you do not have to wait for the black box to get the information. Although it still does not see the face of usable reality. This can be possible with the help of artificial satellite. There is also a similarity to putting multiple black boxes in one place on the same plane.

Not just aircraft!

Not only the aircraft but also other vehicles such as the car may also have black boxes called an event data recorder.