Footprints Clues Humans Hunted Giant Sloths


Footprints Prove Humans Hunted Giant Sloths During The Ice Age

So human started hunting at the early age of the evolution. Recently scientists have been taken aback by the discovery of footprints. The footprints which were found measuring seven to eight feet tall when on its hind legs. And sporting razor-like claws. It is different to the lazy looking sloths you’re familiar with today. These footprints belong to the giant ground sloth. but inside the footprints. There are human footprints.

So this footprints actually suggests hunters were possibly following the ground sloth step-for-step. Despite the animal’s ability to strike and kill. Recently it was published in the American journals. The team from Bournemouth University’s Matthew Bennett are trying to understand the interaction between sloths and humans thousands of years ago. there are some more interesting things like the appearance of other human footprints at the site. but at a safe distance from the sloth’s.

These hunters possibly used the diversion to gain an advantage over the animal.

one of the scientists explained that Understanding the way in which our ancestors might have tackled big prey. and the fact that they tackled big prey is quite interesting. because a big animal like this would’ve come with huge amounts of risk.Tests of sediment showed the sloth and human prints were made at the same time.

so a research is that there are two species were interacting with one another. Sally Reynolds said that We’re getting a view into the past, of an interaction between two species. the human had hunted this sloth in several times. it counts like seven places. sloths reared as it shows the hints. they may be found the attack.Reynolds added Our intention was to kill them. wasn’t luck or happenstance; it was the cold calculation. Bennett thinks the pursued man was provoking the sloth. and it worked perfectly.