The Mechanical Voice Of Stephen Hawking’s


The appearance of permanent poison in appearance I do not know how to laugh. There was gloom in the life of 76 years, but the main reason for that impression was that he could not move the body tissues easily. Drying hard to soften the face of the face. At the age of 21, the body began to lose power. 43-year-old Kantha collapsed Then the day has increased, the emphasis is on the mind. British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking was vocal about his death.

Help Of Technology

Hands have written without increasing. He said without pushing the face. And it has been with the help of technology. Since 1997, Micro-Processor producers have given technical support for Intel’s Hawking’s mechanical voice. That year, Intel met with Gordon Moore to meet at one of the meetings. Moore saw the computer that Hawking uses for communication, the rival AMD’s processor made it. It may have hurt him. After that, Gordon Moore gave Hawking the Intel processor computer for two years.

Pneumonia Is Attack

Hawking had already got the mechanical voice before him. In 1985, the physics laboratory of Europe was attacked with pneumonia on the way to Carney. The situation is awful Doctors, at one stage, say that the wife of Jane is sitting, whether to stop life support. Jane was protesting strongly Then Hawking came to Cambridge There he came under the control of his infection in the treatment. However, the breathing hole has to done to normalize breathing. It’s the end of talking to your face.

New Life

Hawking started contacting with the letter-card at that time. One character was shown after each other. She burst out the eyebrow and told her. In this way, after the letter, the characters arranged by creating words after words and words afterward. At that time, Martin King began working with a physicist Hawking to create a new communication system. Martin, who has been in contact with the California-based company Word Plus, The computer software name Equalizer was theirs. In this software, the sound could select by pressing fingers, computer work could be ordered.

First Us Computer

Equalizer is initially run on Apple to computers. Speech synthesizer was connected to the computer. David Mason adds the entire system to the wheelchair handheld wheelchair. She is a housewife nurse’s husband In this new process, Hawking began to write 15 words in minutes and with the help of Speech Synthesizer.

However, Hawking’s physical condition continued to deteriorate further. In 2008, they lost the ability to move fingers to select the sound. One student then pulled a glass device with glasses. It could detect the slight movement of Hawking’s cheek muscles with infrared rays. Afterward, Hawking started writing e-mails or books quickly on the computer, visiting the website and using only one muscle.

In 2011, he could not say more than two words in one minute. Gordon sending a letter to Moore again asking for information, whether Intel could help him in this regard. Moore was appointed by the then Chief Operating Officer of Intel Justin Ratner Ratner formed a team for Hawking with Intel Labs researchers.

Research On Hawking

A few weeks after Huqing’s 70th birthday, the Intel team met with him at Cambridge University. There the five professors of the university welcomed the team. Hawking said 20 minutes later. For 20 minutes, he could write 30 words to thank the Intel team. Justin Ratner, the problem is serious.

Intel wanted to use the brain-computer interface. The brainwave or brain signals can order according to the computer accordingly. However, the technology did not properly detect the brain wave of Hawking, although it did work for others.

Hawking’s big hurdle in writing words was the wrong character typed. If for some reason the Hawking Instructions are delayed a bit, then the character disappears on the screen and the next character types. In that case, the letters were removed and the remaining letters of the keyboard had to wait for the return. And Stephen Hawking was a perfectionist. Until he was absolutely perfect, he uses to do the same thing repeatedly.

The Intel team started researching instead of new technologies, hocking. How does he use the computer, in which his words are a repeat, etc? And for that, the group holds the video of Hawking’s computer usage for hours. After they are analyzing, the same video is repeatedly seen.

Startup Swiftkey

Intel then started working with the London-based Startup Swiftkey. Swiftkey technology analyzes the words that a user repeatedly writes and the words that the words are written after. When a word is written in it, it shows the words that the user can write right after it. In SwiftKi’s database, hosting lectures, books, and publish papers are given inputs. In this, he got an idea of the style of his writing SwiftKatki After a word, you can guess what a word is. This technology is quite useful for Hawking. The speed of writing or speaking increases. And in this way, he contacted people until his death.

The Computer Used In Hawking

Stephen Hawking has a list of the latest computer equipment on his website. Stephen Hawking had two wheelchairs with necessary equipment. In this process, Intel implemented complete technology and built ACAT software and digital blink switch. From January 26 of this year, Racerspiere pie was the use of the software speaker emulator design by Peter Beni on the computer. Lenovo has given a laptop for Hawking. He used the Yoga 2660 model laptop. Windows 10 operating system powered the computer has core i7 processor and 512-gigabyte solid state drive