Nobel Prize! History Of Science


Alfred Nobel was almost sure that his most inventive invention, dynamite, would stop all warfare and come to the welfare of mankind. He thought that if there is dynamite. Then all sides of the war will be equally powerful. Which will reduce the defenses of the heads of state heads? Needless to say, that dynamite did not play any role to stop fighting. But another thing that has contributed to the development of mankind is the Nobel Prize for the name of Alfred Nobel and the prize money. Since the year 1901, the Nobel Prize has the world’s most respect award, which gives to the finalists of human intellectual thinking.

Scheduled Peace Awards

After the death of Alfred Nobel, inventor and proprietor of 355 patents, his executor discovered that he was instructed in his will to secretly award annual scholarships for “the biggest contribution for humankind” literature, medicine, chemistry, physics, and peace. Initially, He donated the 35 million Swedish Crono (presently $ 225 million) to the prize money, which is given annually to the Nobel Prize for interest. Each prize is determined by the members of different institutes and institutes. In which among the Nobel Institute members. Who is active involvement in this workplace, they must in the field of physics? Peace Prize was decided by the decision of five Norwegian parliamentarians. Posthumous Nobel Prizes are not given.

The Most Respected Awards As A Human

We honor the Nobel Prize in honor of the Nobel Prize winners as the most respected people of all time. Of course, these awards are defective and somewhat similar to all human activities. There are allegations of monopoly or political influence in many areas of science, peace, and comparative new branches, not in the branches of science.

The most controversial is the winners of the Literary and Peace Prize. Because literature and peace 2 ties actually judge in different ways. So in many cases, the Nobel is not desirous of peace and literature. In some cases, it seems that the Nobel laureate itself reject the Nobel Prize, as did Jann-Paul Sartre for the first time. Although Jean-Paul Sartre was declaring a Nobel laureate in 1969. He refused to accept the award, saying that literature is the demand of the mind. Which is different for every person and no institution or any particular group can define or judge it.

However, after his death, his family demanded the money for the Nobel Prize. Again Pablo Narudo Nobel wanted so much that he directly publicized Swedish writers. Finally, he won the Nobel in Literature in 1971. On the other hand, in 2004, the Nobel Prize for Nobel laureate and writer Elfriede Jelinek was so controversial that a Nobel Committee member resigns. There is even rumor that Leo Tolstoy does not nominate for Nobel because Swedish cannot see the history of the Russians. While talking about the Nobel Peace Prize will not end. It is the most controversial section of Nobel, where most of the Nobels are gives on the basis of world political decisions.

One Of The Best Friends Ever

The pain of Robert Frost’s Nobel proliferation still mourns poets. Some believe that Virginia Wolf, Thomas Hardy, James Joyce’s Nobel Prize in the European Union’s Nobel Committee is dogmatic. Leo Tolstoy, one of the greatest personalities of all times, probably the greatest scandal of Nobel in the Nobel Prize for Literature of Shakespeare’s next Nobel Prize. However, in the branches of science, the Nobel Prize is relatively transparently select by the winner.

But in some cases, it has also been that the Nobel Prize for the discovery has been proved wrong. Apart from those few examples, we can say Nobel in science, the award of the ultimate honor in the human race. But then, in science, the story of the Nobel can tell about some flaws and no-nonsense stories.

Nobel Laureate Humanity

In 1926, the Nobel Prize for Physiology was giving in 1926 to give the theory of FBIZAR “a roundworm for cancerous”. But it is proven to the ultimate mistake. Some of the Nobel winners have controversial by saying that they marry to selective breeding. Marriage within their own family. Someone criticizes for opposing the public school like a fool. Many joining the Nazi party after getting the Nobel, and no one involves in 9/11 or Inside Job, Their work has been discussed and well-publicized.

But apart from these disconnected events, most Nobel laureates have made humankind a great deal after another. Nobel Laureates have discovered X-rays, Quantum Physics, Some Penicillin, etc. Nobel laureates such as Nelson Mandela, Rabindranath Tagore, Martin Luther King, and the legendary people.

But sadly, the opportunity to give the Nobel is very less. In a branch, a certain number of Nobel Prizes gives in a year, for that reason. Many great personalities, many great scientists, many great literary Nobel did not get in the ages. Nobel laureate Stephen Hawking (the hero of many more scientific revolution, including the Black Hole Death Theory). The stage table inventor Dmitry Mendeleev, World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners Lee, the detector of the quark. Jerrell scientists, In the absence of their golden touch, the Nobel will always remain incomplete.

The honor and respect of the world may increase for those who achieve the Nobel Prize. But more than that, the Nobel Prize has increased greatly. Nobel’s prestige increases in compounding rates every year. The scandal of the Nobel has been able to give itself to these great people.