Useful Features Of WhatsApp In Daily Life


WhatsApp is an extremely popular communication exchange with more than 150 billion users per month. The user interface of WhatsApp is very easy and simple. It has minor features that you probably do not know about. So let’s get to know about some of the unusual features of WhatsApp today. After knowing these, your WhatsApp usage will change.

Stop Media Saving In The Gallery

If you save photos or videos sent to WhatsApp, then it is displayed on the phone’s gallery by default. If you do not like it, you can save it to the “WhatsApp Images” folder outside of the WhatsApp media phone gallery. For WhatsApp, go to Settings> Chats> Turn off Media visibility.

Use WhatsApp In The Desktop Browser

If you want, you can access your phone by logging in to WhatsApp on one click with your desktop browser. However, your phone must connect to the internet. To do this, first, visit Then click on WhatsApp Web from the WhatsApp menu (three dots in the upper right-hand corner) on the phone. Then scan the QR code found in the desktop browser on your phone and sign in to WhatsApp on the desktop.

Group Chat Muted

There is no alternative to the WhatsApp group with offices, studies, or friends. However, unnecessary notifications of the group may spoil your head. So if you want to close or close the notifications of these groups. For this, open a group chat and click on the name of the group. You can mutate notifications from 1 hour to 1 year by pressing the Mute option to come.

Repeat A Message In A Different Way

In many cases, especially before giving a message to a group chat, it may be seen that the message is being pressed in another context. If there is a reply in the context, then it not understand in many cases. If you hold down a text to get rid of this problem, pressing the reply option from the menu will fill the desired message with your reply.

Status Updates Using Photos, Videos Or GIFs

At the beginning of WhatsApp, only one-line status updates could use, which could be used with the name. But now the status feature has been improved, much like Facebook and Instagram’s story. You can give status updates to WhatsApp using photos, videos or jiff animations that will last for 24 hours.

If you do not want to know whether you read the message of others
Many misunderstandings can often lead to a misunderstanding if you are not able to respond to the message after reading the message. In this case, you can make arrangements that others may not understand if you read or did not read the message.

For this, let’s turn off the “Read Resets” option from your WhatsApp settings. For WhatsApp, visit Settings> Account> Privacy> Read Receipts.

Change The Number

The WhatsApp account associated with its mobile number. Many people think that their number can not change to WhatsApp. So if many people take a new mobile number without using the previous account, a new account is opened.

If you want, you can migrate all the data using the “Change number” option from WhatsApp Account Settings. For WhatsApp, visit Settings> Account> Change number.

Chat Backup

No data is stored on their servers to give security to customers in WhatsApp setting. All data is stored in your phone’s storage. So changing your phone will not get your data again.

However, you can back up all the data of WhatsApp data to Google Drive so that you can find all your data and messages on the new phone. To get back to the settings from Chat Settings. For WhatsApp, visit Settings> Chats> Chat Backup.

Change Text Font

This feature is useful for many times when you send some important notes to WhatsApp. Using the signals shown in the picture, you can do arguably bold, italic or strikethrough.

Send Messages To Many People Together

In many cases, the “Eid Mubarak” type of Wish Eed may need to send many people together on the previous day. In that case, without the creation of a chat group, you can send a message to multiple people using the “Broadcast List” option. You can get the Broadcast feature by clicking on the WhatsApp menu. From there select the contact and massage the message.