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Bandwidth: 100GB, Disk Space: 1.5GB, Ads: No, Panel: Cpanel, MySQL Databases: 2, Website: 1, E-mail accounts: 5, Domain hosting: yes, FTP: Yes

000webhost providing free hosting services since 2007. IT is free hosting service with 1.5 GB space, 100 GB bandwidth per month and five concurrent email accounts. MYSQL and PHP supported with no restrictions and users guaranteed 99% provable uptime as well as the weekly backup. The service is supported by donation users and revenue generated from premium hosting packages. The starting revenue $2 per month.




Bandwidth: 6GB, Disk Space: 250MB, Ads: No, Panel: Elefante, MySQL Databases: 1, Website: 1, E-mail accounts: 3, Domain hosting: yes, FTP: No

Freehostia is a free plan, chocolate, 250GB disk space, 6GB bandwidth each month, PHP and MySQL compatibility and 3 email. It offers surprisingly 1-hour response promise. You can install WordPress, Joomla, others just one click. You can use this service with paid premium with the monthly cost.




Bandwidth: 20GB, Disk Space: 5GB, Ads: No, Panel: Cpanel, MySQL Databases: 3, Website: 1, E-mail accounts: 0, Domain hosting: yes, FTP: Yes

5GBfree provide 5G hosting spaces and 20GB monthly bandwidth 3 MySQL database and PHP scripting.

There is no email include but the company proud of the technology offers, claiming “At any other hosting company, you could be paying between $15 and $20 a month for the same cutting-edge software, hardware, and security certifications.”

If you want to use its premium then monthly cost $2.95.




Bandwidth: 250GB, Disk Space: 10GB, Ads: No, Panel: Cpanel, MySQL Databases: 1, Website: 1, E-mail accounts: 1, Domain hosting: yes, FTP: Yes

Freehosting.com is the biggest hitter of monthly bandwidth provides 250GB data. The service provides 10GB server space ad one email account. Everyone can use it without domain because subdomain r also offered from this site.

Economy and deluxe packages are available with unlimited space and unlimited email accounts.




Bandwidth: 50GB, Disk Space: 1GB, Ads: No, Panel: Cpanel, MySQL Databases: 5, Website: 1, E-mail accounts: 5, Domain hosting: yes, FTP: Yes.

Bythost is a part of byet internet. It is US-based free hosting, domain and reseller service. With more than 1 million websites hosted there. It is one of the most powerful free hosting services.

They give the users 1GB server space, 50GB bandwidth, and MySQL, PHP coherence. The users have a great benefit, users’ get 24/7 support help. If you want to be a free hosting provider then you can just easily join with them.