YouTube’s Go App For Watching and Sharing


YouTube’s Go app

YouTube is bringing its YouTube Go app to many more countries around the globe. YouTube which has been optimized for users with slow internet connections. Now it is going live in 130 countries. Like Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia,  Ethiopia, Mexico, and Turkey this week.

YouTube Go allows users to download videos while they’re within reach of a Wifi network, and then watch them later. A  key feature for markets where broadband and fast mobile internet isn’t ubiquitous just yet. The app also makes it possible to preview videos before downloading them and choose the download quality of each video.

This App came with features to let you download videos to watch offline. as well as beam them straight to other devices without the need for a data connection. That’s handy for people who have intermittent access to the web.Example, Wi-Fi at railway stations and offices.

Such features aim to make YouTube more attractive. consumers who lack access to high-speed Internet service and powerful smartphones will be benefited now.

The “Go” app can also operate well under those conditions.  it does not include features such as commenting or channel subscriptions. because commercials tend to be shorter than on the primary YouTube app.

The adjustments could result in a different culture around YouTube.  some areas compared to the United States and Western Europe. where amateur videomakers have amassed large followings.

The company expects viewers will transition to traditional YouTube. as their technology options evolve.

A YouTube spokesperson said. The Google-owned service doesn’t currently have any plans. To announce to bring YouTube Go to Western countries. That’s perhaps because YouTube is already targeting would-be video downloaders in the U.S. and similar countries.  The service’s YouTube Red subscription tier offers the ability to download videos. By the regular YouTube app for anyone paying $10 a month.