The Ex-Employees of Google and Facebook Are Banding Together to Protect Kids


The Ex-Workers of Google and Facebook Are Band Together to save Kids From Social Media Addiction.


The group of tech experts who were to work at companies like Facebook and Google has founded an organization to raise awareness about the negative effects of social media and technology on society and kids.

The insiders of Silicon Valley are now acting as outsiders in launching their new organization. Center for Humane Technology. They starting a campaign named The Truth About Tech, funded in part by $7 million from the non-profit media watchdog group Common Sense Media.

Some important companies who competing in The Truth About Tech are Comcast and DirecTV by giving fifty million dollars in free media. And airtime for its campaign.

The Center for Humane Technology is worried about the bad effects of unchecked tech use and social media on kids.

The biggest supercomputers in all over the world are inside of two organization. There are Google and Facebook. We pointing them at people’s brains, at children. Previously a tech ethicist at Google and co-founder of The Center for Humane Technology in an interview.

The Truth About Tech campaign modeled after successful anti-smoking crusades. It will focus on fifty-five thousand public schools to teach students with their parents, and teachers about the troubling bad effects of too much-using tech, such as depression. Which is becoming more common in American children according to this times.

Lobbying will help the new group’s efforts and will center around two upcoming pieces of legislation from Massachusetts. California that would fund research on the impact of technology on children’s health.