New 5 Ways Google Has Made Finding Your Lost Phone Easier


Find My Device feature:

Over the years the tech giant Google has initiated a lot of tools and features which improve the security features of the phone and at the same time offer seamless people experience. In 2013, the company introduced Device Manager service which assists in finding the lost phone. Then previous year Google launched some more features for the similar and called it as Find My Device.

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The Find My Device feature is default enabled on Android phones running on Android KitKat version and above version. Any Android phone or device must have a working internet connection and Google the company sign-in with position approved for the feature to work. Google said that Android people got the Find My Device feature quite helpful. Getting the feedback the tech giant Google launched some features to both the application and site for excellent user experience. Below, the features added:

Display current identified place:

In case you lost your smartphone and it is not joined to the internet and it cannot represent the present location, then Find My Device will show the previously known location from the apps location history option. people will also have the capability to release Maps location timeline from the Find My Device application so they can retrace their actions.

Show last connected Wi-Fi access point:

The application will also present the last connected Wi-Fi access point. This will allow people to determine the location of their lost phone even if the location can’t be reported.

Display battery level:

The Find My Device tool will also say the number of battery left on the phone. This will allow people to estimate the time they have to reach their device.

Improved usability:

It’s instantly accessible for people with multiple phones to select the one they’re looking for and perform such as the ring, lock, common actions, and many more.

Google Home and Android Wear also help Find My Device:

people can get their watch on their device and their device with their watch or ask their Google Home to get their phone by saying, “Ok Google, where is my smartphone?”