Google’s Next Phone Pixel 3 Is Here


Google Pixel 3 Release Date & Specification

Pixel 3 release date:

The big G new Pixel phones aren’t veiled before October 2018. The on-sale date later in October. Past two years the Google has launched their new phones on 4 October. So, people guess that 4 October 2018 is as good for the new one.

Google will come with the latest version of Android – Android 9.0. But everyone saw in 2017 they may not be the first devices to ship with that OS. It will be the real version of the software and running exactly as Google intends. With the regular security updates and no bloatware.

The rumored features and specifications for Pixel 3:

Early rumors suggest there will be three Pixel phones will announce. But bear in mind that this was also the case in 2017 and we saw only two new Pixel phones announced.

According to Android life, codenames include Crosshatch, Albacore, and Blueline. But there is talk that Google will simply reference them internally as A, B, and C to hide their details from the outside world.

If it happens, then everyone could see a cheaper model with pricing more in line with the old Nexus phones than Pixel. That is more expensive than ever with the Pixel 2 XL retailing at £799 (although currently on offer at just £699). But as most rumors seem to suggest that, the third model will be a super-high-spec version, Which is a closer competitor for the iPhone X.

Google knows its users don’t want cut-down specs just because a phone has a smaller screen, so we fully expect to see the Snapdragon 845 processor running the show on all Pixel 3 models. It has a 7nm chipset that is faster and 30 percent more efficient than any before it. Thanks to the octa-core Kryo 385 CPU with four 2.8GHz high-power cores and four 1.8GHz low power cores.

2018 might be the year Google bumps up the RAM to 6GB, while storage is likely to remain at 64GB and 128GB.

The Qualcomm’s new super-fast X20 LTE modem is built-in. That offering CAT 18 speeds of more than 1Gbps, as well as an enhanced Spectra 280 image signal processor. Qualcomm has bumped up the best video recording potential to Ultra-HD and added in various AI improvements on it.