Apple Has Launched A New Tool For You


The use of phones has been alarmingly rising in kids. So enough so that the device has become a tool of dispersion to provide parents ‘breathing space’. Newly, The company was analyzed for not focusing a lot on this issue. Two major company investors asked the Apple to attach enhanced parental controls for the improvement of the kids. The company announced that it has been offering parental controls since 2008 and has now launched a dedicated landing page for the similarly. The familial control page features the ways in which parents can control when their kids use any Apple phones.

Named as the ‘Families’ page, the company points to support the parents in order gain a good understanding of the many features that are possible across company devices. The page consists of all the data on familial control proposed by the company. Here’s a look at what all the company offers for kids security

Apple App Store: The safe place for children

The Apple demand that it has carefully built the kids division on the Application Store and they review all the applications to create sure that they are safe. Parents have the choice to limit the age range so that the children can buy or download the content as per their age.

Select the apps for your children:

Parents will also have the capacity to manage the type of applications their children install on the phone. They can also turn off the Safari web browser for good safety. Further, parents also have a choice ‘Enable Ask to Buy’, which allows them to accept to reject any application purchase or download from their own phone.

Keep them safe on the Internet:

Parents also have the choice to restrict the adult content or site on their children phones. They can install special browsers which are generated to display only kid-friendly content.

Control in-app purchases

There is also a choice possible which provides the administration to parents to restrict in-application purchases. Many of the applications exist on the App Store ask for in-app purchases, so parents can block all the in-app purchases.

Control what they see

Parents can obey some easy steps and can keep their children from accessing app, books, movies etc, which don’t consist relevant content. The choice can be found in the Restrictions settings.