Samsung S9 Is Not Safe

Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25, 2012. It’s is the last version in Samsung S series.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung introduces a new smartphone, the Galaxy S9. Samsung claims it has some new features as well as the most advanced cameras. However, experts on the security features of the phone have started asking questions.Some US security experts say, the technology used in the Samsung Galaxy S9, which is not very safe.

Security system in S9

Samsung has introduced an intelligent scan as a new way to unlock the face in the new smartphone. It uses Face Recognition and Irish Scanning. If the reckoning does not work, then Irish works. If both are not working, then the smartphone can be opened using both methods. Researchers have claimed that even though the intelligent scan system works faster than the security method used in previous smartphones but it is not very safe.

According to a report by Senate Technologies website, Samsung is still using 2D Scanning System. This process also used in the Galaxy S8 last year. In addition to the use of the Irish scanning technology S9 in Galaxy Note 7. Intelligent scan technology has been faster or enhanced by these two technologies but it is not very safe. It is still not reliable in relation to technology. Earlier, it was possible to fool the technology using the images of the human face in Galaxy S8. In addition, it was possible to fool the Irish system.

Technology analyst Avi Greengard said, Samsung has fallen behind Apple in this case. Apple has a lot of money, time and effort behind their fake ID. Samsung has a version of Face ID before it, but they are trying to catch Apple.

Why it is not perfect

According to a report by Business Insider, a business and technical website, Samsung Galaxy S9 has made some updates on the smartphone, but there is nothing significant in comparison to the previous year’s Galaxy S8. Besides, the price of S9 is much higher Last year, when the Galaxy S8 came to market, the price was 77 thousand 900 taka. Apart from this, the S9 smartphone, like the Galaxy S8, has a 6×2 inch-size Amode display similar to the 5.8-inch AMOLED display S8 Plus. Difficult to find the difference between the two phones S9 weight has been heavier than ever. There was no change in battery.