Smartphones That Can Be Folded

Folding phones are interested in us. Today We explain about folding phone. We also explain which company will publish folding smartphone.

Folded Phones

Smartphone manufacturers are in the market for excellence competition, they can easily fold and put in pockets to create such handsets. The names of companies such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are listed on the list. But the convenience of bringing the folded phone to the market has been the first to put China’s JTE Some other organizations are working with folded smartphones.

Let’s know about smartphones with folded facilities

ZTE Axon M

ZTE recently announced the launch of ‘Axon M’ smartphone in the market. It is the company’s first dual-display smartphone. According to ZTE information. They can be easily pocketed by folding their new device. While the device is in dual mode, it can be used by two different apps on its two displays. Extend mode allows users to watch e-mails on one display and play video games on other displays. In traditional mode, the device can be used just like all normal smartphones. In the mirror mode, if the two displays are folded opposite to each other, the same content can be played on both displays. ZTE Axon M Folded Smartphone has a 5×2 inch Dual Full HD TFT LCD display.

The 4GB RAM smartphone has a Snapdragon 821 processor. It has the advantage of conserving 64 GB of internal data. The device has used in a 20-megapixel camera which can use as a rear and front-facing the camera. The Android 7.1.2 Nogat operating system has a battery of 3180 millimeter-hour battery. The device will support Quick Charge 3.0 technology. ZTE claims to add a new dimension to the global smartphone market, the Axon M smartphone.

Apple’s folded phone concept

Apple will be able to create a fold-up iPhone. The new version of the iPhone can fold display. Apple is working with such a new iPhone. The new iPhone will come to the market by 2020.

In June 2014, Apple applied for a ‘flexible display device’ patent. This patent mentions touchscreen smartphones made from a fashionable design. In this case, how flexible display in the screen can fold, the procedure is said. Even if the phone supposes to folding in a different way, it means that after folding in two parts, the third one can folding. The technology of making a folded display is the South Korean technology product maker, LG Electronics. Apple is working collaboratively with LG.

Samsung can bring phones folded next year

Recently Apple announced the tone of the technology world has surprised the world. In the continuation of this, the world’s top smartphone maker Samsung has said to give a special surprise. Donggun Koh, head of Samsung’s mobile business division, said the company will surprise the Galaxy Note series. Galaxy Note 9 will be the world’s first folding smartphone. Samsung hopes to bring flexible smartphone in flagship Galaxy Note line next year. To overcome this technology, there will still be many obstacles to leave the smartphone market. If these problems don’t resolve, then the convenience of folding smartphones can come on the market.

Earlier, in 2013 Samsung showed a prototype of a flexible display called ‘Yom’. Samsung The company has been experimenting with a four-year fold-able smartphone. In January this year, there was a buzz about Samsung’s Galaxy X name Nokia’s smartphone market. The 7-inch OLED display can fold and place in a pocket. This facility expects to be in Note 9 in the market in 2018.

Huawei can create a foldable phone

Recently, Smartphone maker Huawei announced the creation of a ready-made smartphone while opening the smartphone 10, Mate 10 Pro and Moto 10 in the Porsche smartphone.

Richard Yew, CEO of Consumer Business Group, said Huawei has already started working on the prototype of the phone. And next year when Samsung will release its foldable smartphone Galaxy X, Huawei will also bring its foldable smartphone near it. Huawei is working on innovative screen technology innovation for this. Besides, trying to create even more advanced mechanical designs than the present.

Nokia has been working for a long time with Folding Phone Technology

Finnish handset maker HMD Global has responded by bringing Nokia’s brand new smartphone. The company that lost the market without using Android, it is likely to get back. Recently, the company released the new smartphone named Nokia 7, alongside innovative features. The surprise of the return of Nokia is not the end here. The Finnish company wants to throw a big surprise in the market. Nokia is going to bring a foldable smartphone market


The company has approved the patent application in 2013 for this. The US Patent and Trademark Office recently approved this. The size of the smartphones currently used to see this phone is like a pocket mirror. Nokia has not yet explained the details of this set. The company did not reveal anything about whether the new smartphone created, or when it came to market, it did not tell anything about the company.

Microsoft designed and built folding devices

Microsoft has said that Windows Phone is off on a sudden However, he did not talk about moving away from the smartphone market. Microsoft’s officials are talking about a new type of Microsoft phone as a new look. Microsoft is patenting a new type of phone. According to the patent data, Microsoft plans to create a smartphone that can fold and run in three modes. Microsoft’s new phone can fold into a 360-degree mode, just as a screen can fold. That means if you want the phone can also use a tablet computer. It called Microsoft’s future generation smartphones

Lenovo showed the folded smartphone concepts

Chinese company Lenovo has shown the concept of tabs and smartphones on the same device. The ‘Lenovo Folio’ device can fold or fold in a pocket similar to any mobile phone. The tab will open again. The new concept will have a 7.8-inch screen display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It has an Android operating system.

The special way to fold will be the size of the 5.5-inch mobile phone size. Together with the tab’s software system will swap. Special camera for Tab will replace with mobile phone backup camera.